Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Your 20's Are CLOSED

Oh... he tried. But not even Josh The Pilot can conquer The Horrible Birthday Karma (new The Readers, here's a primer.) I like mountains, so Josh The Pilot attempted to bring me atop one when I turned thirty-one.

But the mountain was closed.

Mountains do close, apparently.

Well... that's OK. I like fermented grapes, too, so he took me to a winery.

But the winery was... this bustling complex.

Here's the good part, though: No vomiting! Always a plus for the Ides of January. I'll take it.

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Starnarcosis said...

Happy HEALTHY birthday!

Maybe the karma needs overcome one step at a time.

willow3x3 said...

Happy Birthday MB! Look at it this way... at least he planned something special & didn't forget about your birthday. No small feat in a man. :D

Red Pill Junkie said...

Well... huh... you know what they say: It's the intention what counts, right?

Right? :-)

Mike Marchand said...

Man . . . I thought you were just exaggerating the whole Birthday Karma thing for comedic effect, but you know something ain't right when entire mountains barricade themselves off from you.

Happy Birthday! :D

Stacey said...

Have a Happy Happy Birthday, MB!!

And, if you think about it, a closed mountain is nothing compared to your usual birthday karma. Maybe JTP is starting to balance it out a little. :-)

kelebek }{ said...

Happy birthday! Did you get to have cake?

MB said...

I finished off a pie I made in honor of the arrival of Fletch The Extremist, but otherwise, no. There was an opportunity for free ice cream and a great deal of staff song-inspired humiliation when JTP and I had dinner at Outback, but I declined, and had wine instead.

Tony Rossi said...

Happy Birthday, fellow Capricorn. When I turned 30, I went through what I call my early midlife crisis. To make myself feel younger, I signed up for ballroom dancing lessons at Arthur Murray. I have to say that being surrounded by beautiful, talented, cheery female dance instructors made me feel a lot better. Maybe you and JTP should take some lessons together. It's simply impossible to be depressed when you're foxtrotting across the dance floor.

MB said...

Thank you, you who also feel the many joys of Capricornness. We would be overjoyed to take dancing lessons, actually, (especially swing dancing) but it's not in the budget right now. For the moment we content ourselves with hideous white person head-bobbing.

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