Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fine Print

I'd like everyone to meet the label I just peeled off my latest bottle of fluvoxamine.


Dear bottle:
If I weren't experiencing mood changes, sadness, depression, or fear, I WOULDN'T NEED YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE.


Red Pill Junkie said...

What a thoughtful & considerate medication ;-)

A long time ago I complied with the numerous pleas of my sister to go see a psychiathrist, who prescribed me with an anti-depressant; but alas, the steep price of the medicine made all the effort to use it utterly moot (it made me more depressive the very act of buying it in the first place).

So for me I'll stick to the motto: More Plato and less Prozac... and more Bob Ross and less Valium ;-)

Mike Marchand said...

This just in!

(It's a commercial but it's fine-print nonetheless.)

Sleep aid Ambien CR may cause drowsiness.

I know, I know, I'm stunned, too. It's okay. We'll get through this. MB has enough fluvoxamine for everyone. :)

// mike, tl-tr

Anonymous said...

There's never enough fluvoxamine.

sbooks said...

As a SMC chic (97)-- I, too, love my daily does of Luvox. That stuff saved my life.

Anonymous said...

It's in that delightful South Bend Municipal water.

Kell Belle said...

Fluvoxamine huh? I wonder if that'll make the Lexapro, Xanax and Colozapine mix any better. I love the warnings that I must avoid sun exposure, driving heavy machinery, and breast feeding. This is exactly why I am the Cool Aunt who drives slow and only goes out at night.

Ain't modern medicine great?

Anonymous said...

Imagine my joy when I saw this side effect for a very popular antibiotic:
*loss of ability to know position of a part of the body


Anonymous said...

I second your "WHAT?!" "Honey, have you seen my left elbow?" The *&^$?

Emma said...

Ah it's health and safety gone mad, like here in the UK, on a packet of peanuts "may contain nuts"... err I'd hope so. Or on a well known children's brand of pain killer that says "do not opperate heavy machinery or drive..." um... ?!?!?! 'cause of course we give kids driving licenses in the UK.

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