Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'll say it again: I love my bride!

I've been told wives remember everything their husbands do and say, good or bad. I married Mary Beth because she's the rare one who doesn't bring up past faults during an argument, and simply thanks me for the things I've done for her. This Christmas Tink showed me once again why I have no reason to think we won't make it long term: she gave me a surround sound system for the man-cave! Normally, there's no way we can afford such a luxury, but she took on an extra e-Stack to earn the money.
That's her real gift to me, and I'll always remember it. I'll never forget how she was willing to sacrifice time and energy to earn money for my present, time and energy she could have spent on her next MSNBC article or the manuscript for her next book. I'll always remember how she remembered me missing the Daytona 500 to help her move, and has returned the gift, with interest. A long time from now, when the system is long since upgraded and the price she paid is pocket change for us, I'll still consider it the most priceless gift she ever gave me.
I love you, my bride!!


Chelsea said...

Aww, JTP! So cute. I am so happy you guys have found each other and it seems like you complete each other so well. I love seeing husbands so in love with their wives! It makes me think of my hubby! Keep up the good work!

Kell Belle said...

OK JTP, Where can I find one like you? You are really awesome. I am so glad MB got a good one. Enjoy your sound system but don't make it so loud that net year she'll be getting you a hearing aid.


Daniel said...

For KB:
Well, I'm the only unmarried brother of JTP but I'm already spoken for, haha.

For JTP:
Glad you and Tink had a good Christmas together. I can't resist saying...Git'er Dun!

P.S. - We need an updated pic of the man-cave soon for all of us male-reader to "ooh" and "ahh" over...

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