Monday, December 31, 2007


Let us review the highlights of 2007:

1) I was Princess Center of Attention MYYYYYYYYYYY SPECIAL DAY BRIDE

2) As you well know, pretty much nothing else matters.

Thank you for your friendship and readership. I hope your remaining two hours of 2007 are the best two hours of the year. We are putting the decals on our Life board game, because nobody parties like two newlyweds on their first New Year's Eve.

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Red Pill Junkie said...

Receive a Happy New Year wish, directly from Puerto Vallarta!

Chelsea said...

Our first New Years as a married couple was wild and crazy. We went to dinner with my parents, then played a card game with them, then went home to watch the ball drop and drink sparkling cider. We were asleep by 12:45. Yeah, we're party animals! As for this year, my hubby is at the CHP Academy, so I kissed our cat at midnight and went to bed. Happy New Year!

willow3x3 said...

My first new year spent with my BF consisted of us sitting in his friend's back yard at a card table while these 40-something guys talked about their 20-something stripper girlfriends (who paraded around the yard) and their gym memberships while they got drunk. It was Hell on Earth. Your New Years Eve sounds like heaven. (BF and I stayed in this year and he cooked for me. Times change.) Have a great year & thank you for this (my favorite) blog.

Daniel said...

My New Years consisted of an episode of Smallville, and then a call from my squeeze at mid-night.


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