Monday, November 19, 2007

Welcome Readers

Our princes have come.

P.S. Yes, I know that Prince Humperdink was not the character in question to have six fingers. It was actually Fred Savage.


Anonymous said...

Thoroughly entertaining. I wonder when it will be not so ‘hot’ to do not-so-perfect princes and princesses? We have so many movies regarding this subject that it’s cliché. What they aren’t happy? They want to help the servants who are practically slaves? Why not let them all go free and cook your meals then? No, no. They only want to be charitable enough to give their personalities one extra dimension. Why do you think that Kate and Leopold was nominated for Oscars and won Golden Globes? Because Leopold, Hugh Jackman, was P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Even Meg Ryan with her mannish outfits and snooty little hissy fits couldn’t ruin his perfectness. He is equally awesome playing jeans…white shirt… I digress. mmmmm

LiteraryAlchemist said...

Prince Lonestar
Source: “Spaceballs”
Who he is: Prince of exaggerated plot devices
Female competition: Princess Vespa
Strengths: He's already got his own home (see weaknesses); Cares about more than just the money; The Schwartz
Weaknesses: It's an interstellar Winnebago and home to a Mog; Stupid name

Hollee said...

Seriously great article.

Anonymous said...

RE: your bio at the end of the article.

Being the writer that you are, you should know that "whence" means "from where;" therefore "from whence" is redundant.
--BB (another writer)

MB said...

You'll have to take this up with several of my lit profs, as well as God. Shakespeare uses it this way, not to mention Charles Dickens and several versions of the Bible.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful article. I love that you included his royal purpleness. You did forget the prince from the first Shrek. I can't remember his name but that guy had ISSUES!


MB said...

Thanks, SJN. The reason I didn't include the guy from the first Shrek is that he isn't a prince, he's a lord. Hooray for technicalities :)

dan the soldier said...

"...someone for the main female character to fall in love at."

haha, so true.

mike, something rotten said...

I never really bought into the whole oedipal angle in Hamlet, but watching Mel Gibson in the title role make out with Glenn Close was probably one of the more disturbing movie images I've ever seen. And we had to watch that in English class. Ahhh, low-budget Catholic high school English that couldn't plop down the few extra beans for Kenneth Brannagh. How I miss you.

Josh The Pilot said...

My princess,
Victor Junior is offended that you called him a Focus. He's an Escort ZX2. I was up late last night convincing him that you didn't mean any harm.
Your prince

red pill junkie said...

You forgot about Aladdin, when he's Prince Abu Ababwa!

A monkeyphant, a flying rug, a magic lamp with a genie, dude's got it all!

Plus, he sure knows how to pick places to take chicks on a first date ;-)

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