Thursday, November 08, 2007


I do so apologize for the lack of postage yesterday, but I was busy gearing up for SOMETHING SO OUTRAGEOUSLY AWESOME I CAN'T EVEN TYPE ABOUT IT WITHOUT SQUEEING. I'll be able to tell you in a couple of days. It's not a big deal to the world at large, as most personal big deals are, but is the type of thing that has had me running in very small, excited circles for several hours.

Josh The Pilot is currently winging his way back to the Very Northern Swamp after a charter flight to Texas. It took eleven hours. He was in a Grumman Traveller, which is older than the Earth, and yet still not scary due to the "Grumman" factor. I would climb into a flying shopping cart if it were engineered by Grumman. These people built the lunar module, which, as we've seen, can take a deep-space explosion and solider on.

As for me and my more modern blonde technology, I have, at the behest of a marketing client, been Jotting with voice recognition software. This involves making a phone call and leaving a voice message, which is then translated into a text message, for those of us who find IMing or email or Crackberrying too taxing.

So I Jotted one of my editors the fact that I was "away from my laptop, which has the file," which resulted in a phone call five minutes later from him demanding to know why was I away in Bangkok, and why I would take a person named Chas Style along.

I will take my chances with the Traveller.


dan-the-soldier said...

They should have built a check into the software to read back your message so you could proof-read it.

Anyways, see you in a week sis.

Starnarcosis said...

Obviously another great moment for voice recognition software!

confused mike is confused said...

Squeeing? That's a new one.

Or it may be an old one. I don't think I've squeed myself since I was about two.

LiteraryAlchemist said...

"Squeeing"? A new MBism? Or just a typo? I kinda like "squeeing". But the implications seem... perilous.

Toni said...

Don't worry, MB. I've been using *squee* for quite a while. It's a favorite of the writers over at TWoP.

SaharaChick said...

I love to squee! Don't knock it!

'Til 2012 said...

I think "squeeing" is what happens before one glomps someone/thing.

dan-the-soldier said...

See, I wasn't going to say anything, but since these other grammar geeks brought it up, what exactly is "squeeing"?

kelebek }{ said...

Oh oh the column. Did you get your own column? Yay for squeeing!

Kayla :-) said...

Oh, *that* is what Jotting is all about!

I wonder what we would be thinking right now if MB had jotted this post instead of typing it herself.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan-the-Soldier

Squeeing is what you do when something so fantabulous happens that
a. words temporarily desert you and
b. you revert to being aneleven years old girl again and
c. all you can do is make high-pitched happy noises for a while till the words come back.

If there is continued happiness, then after the squeeing comes the flailing. And 'flail' is in the dictionary.

MB said...

That is just about the best, most complete explanation of squeeing I've heard. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear mb

Cheers for the compliment!

I am now worried because I pointed dan-the-soldier at the dictionary for "flail" and according to the dictionary that means an ancient agricultural tool. Whoops. You'll have to set his mind at rest.


dan-the soldier said...

Don't worry. I think I got it. It's a chick thing. I think that's about all I need to know.

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