Sunday, November 11, 2007

For Veteran's Day

Thanks to Dad, and Dan The Brother-In-Law, and Country The Brother-In-Law, and everyone else's service academies who beat Notre Dame for the first time since there was a world war on and all anybody could recruit for the football teams were, like, ficus trees.

A return to Normandy. Because we need it.

not going to the Macy's sale at:


dan-the-soldier said...

Thanks MB! Those are beautiful articles. They are a worthy tribute. See you in a couple days.

Josh The Pilot said...

Also thanks to Uncle Fred-the-Air-Force-Chaplain!

SaharaChick said...

And none of us can forget Ryan-the-rocket-scientist!

amy lou the reader said...

Amen, MB.

Thanks to all our veterans and all they've given us.

Anonymous said...

Hey MB, do you think ND could beat the service academies if we play single military bases? I mean, I'm sure we could beat Guantanamo Bay or Fort Bragg???

PS, love your page, you're a HOOT. I remember you from the SMC days (and was in McManless Hall with you in 1997!)

Sarah the Reader, nee Student said...

Hi Miss-Ellis-who-is-now-no-longer-Miss-Ellis-
I came to wish you a Happy Patrick Swayze Christmas, even though it's early and has nothing to do with this current posting. I just thought of you when I watched this.

I have a lot of your posts to catch up on (like, since your wedding) and a lot of papers to completely avoid, which I hope to do over Thanksgiving break. I'm going to be posting my current pieces from my non-fiction creative writing class on my blog. I hope you can read them and pretend to be my professor again, or you can just offer constructive criticism. If you have time, of course.

How are the wall-sconces?

Anonymous said...

Hello, Sarah!

You will be pleased to know that the wall sconces are rocking right out. I'm so glad things seem to be going well for you and that you're keeping in touch. Of course I'll take a look at any specific pieces you'd like. Let me know :)

Sarah said...

I just posted a few pieces from my non-fiction class in my blog, if you'd like to take a look and possibly comment. :)

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