Monday, October 29, 2007

Welcome Lightsabre Readers

If you've ever wondered what I'd sound like as a British person, complete with extra u's, here's your chance. This interview was conducted last week in the wake of this article which demanded to know where George Lucas went. (One Lightsabre reader's reaction: "That MSNBC lady is a freak. The whole article scared me.") BOO! Scary MB, with her terrifying adjectives and frightening semicolons!

Scroll down to find me; I am directly underneath Wicket. (And with that, we now award this year's prize for Phrases I Never, Ever Thought I Would Type.)

The webmaster assures me that he pushed off an interview with Irving Kershner--as in, The Kersh, as in, the man who directed The Empire Strikes Back--to post this, which I was thrilled about until it immediately became clear that the terms of the interview included searching out every unflattering picture of me ever posted on the Internet and gathering them under one cyber-roof. Somebody was paying attention to this week's Gospel reading.

One of the questions involves asking me how I can distrust Lucas if I am, in fact, a Star Wars fan, so in that vein we hereby present photographic evidence of Josh The Pilot and me entering our wedding reception to the strains of "Throne Room March" from the medal ceremony of A New Hope. Sing it in your head for full effect, because bringing John Williams into your wedding day is serious, people. Seriously sad. (You will notice that I entered the room closest to the bar.)

When word that we were going to do this starting filtering through our friends, it removed itself maybe four degrees before I got a phone call from somebody asking, "Are you really walking down the aisle to "The Imperial March"? Which is the music used to introduce Darth Vader, the evil Emperor, and the Florida Gators defense, and which would have also been highly suitable, at least from Josh's perspective.

rotated 90 degrees at:


college gal said...

I am a bit perturbed by the fact that they rotated your picture...Can they really take liberties like that?

On the plus side, I loved the action shot with the light saber!

red pill junkie said...

It was a great interview, eventhough I suspect someone on that site sabotaged it a bit (I had to do A LOT of mouse scrolling because the page only shows a tiny amount of the text). Hey! Maybe it was a direct order from the Lucas man himself, so you're getting noticed in the high places of power at Coruscant :-)

red pill junkie said...

Uhm... forget my previous comment, the same thing happened with the Warwick Davis interview. Vista is obviously inffluenced by the Dark side, as if that would shock anyone by now.

mike, return of the dead-eye said...

The Imperial March is, if I'm not mistaken, also the song played when Notre Dame's defense takes the field.

Though this year, it should probably be "Call To The Post."

Speaking of which, I'd like to be an ND offensive lineman for Halloween this year. Anyone got any tips on how to make it appear like I have cleat marks all over my ND replica jersey without actually, you know, putting cleat marks all over my ND replica jersey?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about anybody else, but after reading that interview, I'm having a hard time getting rid of the imagery of the decomposing deer film.

Anonymous said...

We stole it from them, Mike, and were reprimanded most sharply by the Leprechaun at a pep rally in my junior year for accompanying this with the Gater chop. Slap!

Re: Cleat marks-- try cutting little brown circles out of sticky-backed felt, available at a craft store near you. Arrange appropriately. You're welcome.

Monica said...


I loved your description of Han Solo during the interview. "Badassery" indeed! I always thought it was "badassedry", but the Urban Dictionary showed me the error of my ways.

As far as I'm concerned, there were no Star Wars prequels. I'm not even sure that Return of the Jedi really happened.

Jan Scholl said...

my son had SW music at his wedding at mom's suggestion. most of the attendees from small town Iowa went 'HuH'? my Ben-who grew up being called Obiwan-was born the week the original SW came out in 1977. and every film after we were always first in line for tickets. even the reissues. I would let him skip school too. its a mom-son thing.

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