Thursday, October 25, 2007


There will not be an actual post today, as I am trapped beneath an eStack. I'm an independent essay evaluator for a local school district, which has all the awesomeness of failing people without the unpleasant side effect of listening to the whining of the person who has just failed. It's kind of like jury duty, only with way, way more comma splices.

If you don't hear from me, it's because I've been flogged by such sentences as "In the world today, things are sometimes good and sometimes bad nowadays."

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Sheridan1 said...

"In the world today, things are sometimes good and sometimes bad nowadays."

But...but I like that sentence. It's like a perfectly round circle...we could follow it all day and night long and eventually get to those sometimes good and sometimes bad "nowadays." maybe it's not a good sentence. Maybe it's actually that kind of sentence that makes you cringe as your eyes run by it.

Got a Kit-Kat?

dan-the-soldier/brother-in-law said... are missed.

I have over 3 hours left on my graveyard shift and nothing to do except study my past tests which is about as much fun as watching paint dry (except that might be more fun).

Guess it is time to head over to the browser-based games sites...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...sort of an "I think, therefore I am, I think" for the modern age?

I've looked all through the woods here in Alabama and can't find any, so to reference an earlier post - where can I get some of those huge Smarties?

Elisabeth said...

As a teacher, I take exception to the statement "failing people." Teachers (and essay graders) do NOT "fail" people. People earn failing grades and teachers are stuck with the blame. Perhaps the next time a student earns a failing grade in my class I will try blaming the "independent essay evaluator"!! Asking the student to take responsiblity for his/her grade certainly doesn't work.

boblawblogger said...

A. I love huge smarties, but find them vastly inferior to myriads of the little smarties.

B. I once foolishly agreed to read a paper for a college friend of mine. The paper, on Hemingway's "A Cat in the Rain" contained the following description of the cat's condition "[cat sitting in the rain] is the worst position for a cat to be in." Aside from ending in a preposition, and being horribly stilted, rain, as things go, is not necessarily the most egregious wrong that could be done to a cat. Getting run over, drowned, poisoned, shot . . . rain?! Poor cat.

red pill junkie said...

Hope you have plenty of Humongous Smarties to ease the burden ;-)

Anonymous said...

Which is why, dear E, you'll notice that I didn't write "the people *I* just failed." They fail themselves!

graycie said...

omg -- now that you're in Virginia, you may very well score some of the essays (as well as some 'essays') that my cross-our-fingers-and-hope-to-graduate-this-year seniors wrote last week in our "terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad" state-mandated writing test re-take week.

Where shall I send the chocolate?

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