Saturday, September 22, 2007

Worked For Me

Various, sometimes cheerfully tawdry brushes with the aerospace and aviation industries have led me to osmosis the NATO phonetic alphabet, not to be confused with the Western Union phonetic alphabet, which is recommended when the user finds the NATO version "too militaristic." It's good to have options, because nothing says BOMBBIGTANKKILL like foxtrotting, echoes, golf, and Juliet. Oh, and Quebec. And Oscar, that fascist bastard.

Who decides on this? What kind of qualifications do you need to get appointed to a Phonetics Alphabet Formation Committee?

Many shooters, apparently, and an big ol' empty white Internet box.

Buy This Book
Competent Professor
Day Job
Flaming Potholders
Gary Stevens, You Totally Missed Your Chance
I Can't Believe People Actually Pay This Woman To Write
Jammin' on the One
Not Without My Cheese

O and 4
Quit While You're Ahead, Dude
Really Will Never Be Over the 0 and 4 Thing
Susan Sucks
Trojan Appetizers
Utah (hearts) Me
Vermont And All That Snow
X (Oh, like you're ever going to use an X-word in casual conversation. Whatever.)
Zach Morris And His Cell Phone

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kredin said...

Something against the letter "N"? Maybe King James can help you out with that.

(All that work and forgot "N"... damn.)

MB said...

Eek! N is now feeling the love, K-- thank you :)

classickelly21 said...

Really not over the 0 and 4 thing either. Doesn't it make you glad they didn't suck this bad while we had to stand through the games.

GOD, I miss real ND football.

Anne in Iowa said...

I like your alphabet better than the Army one. Which I have to hear about every time I spell my last name - which is all the time. I use names, like N as in Nancy and so forth. My husband, ArmyMan rolls his eyes and lectures me. I love him, but I'm not learning that soulless c as in cathy, r as in renee, a...

stacey said...

Great idea. Although I'm a longtime reader, I wasn't around for the original 'Birthday Karma' episode. It made me laugh.

Starnarcosis said...

I missed "Zach Morris and his Cell Phone" the first time around. Ah, the fond memories of the Billings MT airport, which would not let me take the 14" screwdriver in my carry on BACK to Ohio, although Ohio and Detroit had allowed it to Billings. I am puzzled now about what Ohio has against Montana (must be the lack of speed limits).

And don't get me started on trying to get into India from Nepal.

kate said...

Nothing like some larnin' with your daily dose--but what does Kilo mean, or even sound like?

DivineDivorcee said...

Kilo= one thousand, pronounced Keee-Loh, and is the usual preface for Kilometer (or klick), which is about .6 miles, or Kilogram, which is 2.2 pounds.

Anonymous said...

How can someone not know what a kilo is? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

kate said...
Nothing like some larnin' with your daily dose--but what does Kilo mean, or even sound like?

And they let these people vote.....

Jill said...

Just got back from a visit in The Swamp....will you please explain to me the whole "love bug" phenomenon. Is is because these swarms of black bugs do their thing on me? Eewwww.....

P.S. Love this post! My hubby (Nick the Pilot) was talking about Charlie Foxtrot with another pilot/friend not too long ago. Stupid me had to butt in and laugh about this guy's name. Yeah...Charlie Foxtrot was part of the plane's tail number. Oops.

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