Saturday, September 29, 2007

That Big Scary Word's Largest Drum Will Get You Every Time

On the other hand, our for-one-game former quarterback can't seem to get his Yaffa Blocks and beanbags unpacked, and is now angling for a position at... the University of Cincinnati. The "You Got The Express Campus Tour" Quote of the Weekend Award:

"My whole point of going to Notre Dame was the same reason I committed here," Jones said, according to the newspaper. "The atmosphere on campus, they've got top-notch facilities."
...Yeah. I've been to UC after dark? And the "atmosphere" is one of "duck inside as fast as humanly possible." Those "top-notch facilities" consist of the city's best hospitals, because it's the place to be if you want a lot of bullet-digging practice. Happy snapping!

bad dream, bad bad dream at:


Anonymous said...

You're starting to get your fastball back.

ShannJ said...

Hey now! What's with all the ripping on both my and Scott's alma mater's in one little post. Better watch it girly - us UC alum's are pretty tough characters! :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, of COURSE you're tough-- you have to dodge all those bullets. And how can I diss another school that's beaten us? They have that big scary drum! I have absolutely no room to criticize.

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