Monday, August 27, 2007

The world is back in order

Tink and I could endure only a few days of Nigerian television, so I recently called the Cable Overlords to see what it would cost us to get WE, style, NFL, and Speed back into The Castle. After heavily sighing "I can't wait until your competitor-who's-name-starts-with-a-V begins service on my street" into the phone about three times, I managed to score the "Expanded Digital" package for an extra 15 bucks a month, with the first month free. I figure the extra 15 singles are worth spending to keep MB and me from strangling each other. She's gotta have her Bridezillas and I've gotta have my race cars and football.
All is well on the home front!


MEP said...

As an old married lady (four years this July), I will advise that our marriage has been strengthened and enriched by our decision to budget for premium channels, DVR, and two televisions. If you get fed up with the cable conglomerate, you can always try Dish Network or DirectTV. The final straw for us with the cable company was being charged for multiple pay-per-viewings of Alien V. Predator. To no avail, my husband would insist over the phone, "My pregnant wife did not watch Alien V. Predator at 3:00 in the morning, several early mornings in a row."

Lauren said...

We, too are waiting for V's service in our neighborhood- had it at the last place we moved before we bought the current place. It rocks. I miss it terribly, simply because our current cable provider, a three letter word starting with C, charges extra for EVERYTHING. Worst channel selection for an obscene amount of moolah EVER. I see V's trucks in the area and consider bribing them to our street. Seriously- we call V every month or two to ask when we can expect it.

red pill junkie said...

Maybe they were thinking you were mentally preparing for the distress of labor... I mean, it shouldn't hurt AS MUCH as having your chest burst open by an alien parasitic being that also causes you to die, right?

tamar said...

I always think of Spaceballs,
:Hello, my baby, hello, my darlin' hellom my rag time gal!"

Anne said...

Tamar, I didn't think anybody but my hubby and daughter could quote Spaceballs - and so eloquently too! Ludicrous Speed I say to you 8^)

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