Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Because the area experienced a misting rain and a butterfly farted 600 miles away, the cable went out right about the time Endeavour was performing her first re-entry engine burn. So instead of glorious return pictures on my choice of cable networks, I sat staring at "This Channel Will Return In a Moment." I adore twelve-hour moments.

The frustration was effectively dealt with until this evening, when I was putting away the groceries and discovered that I had forgotten my husband's pudding and then burst into bitter, bitter tears.

We called the cable company, and were told that we may or may not be experiencing an outage. I asked how the representative might find out whether or not the problem was area-wide, and was informed that "if a whole bunch of people don't have service, that's an outage." Well! By the way, Ethiopia is experiencing an outage. You take care of that.

and the DVR doesn't work either at: mbe@drinktothelasses.com


laura in virginia said...

Do you have Cox or Comcast/Adelphia?

Because if it's Cox, I'm not surprised...We spent the first year we had them with at least a week each month of no internet, Cox claiming it wasn't a problem, service reps not showing up, etc.

Of course, now that we're on month-to-month and could switch if we wanted/had another option here, everything is fine.

Toni said...

The DVR doesn't work!?! Now that's a crisis.

Starnarcosis said...

You never hear things like that when you talk to a customer service computer. They just tell you they've got "top men" working on the problem.

Anonymous said...

I know how frustrating it is! I have DISH and if there's a tiny breeze, it goes out. I had an outage last week and tried the customer service line and it was busy for 30 minutes. One time they told me I should climb on the roof and see what the problem was. Uh, sure; I'll get right on that. They know they have us over a barrel!

Sara N

red pill junkie said...

"if a whole bunch of people don't have service, that's an outage."

"If the suicide rate climbs dramatically in your area, then it would undoubtedly be an outage."

The only time these guys show some efficiency is when they notice you are 1 hour 37 min 56 sec delayed in your payment.

ATCmanDan(the-Brother-In-Law) said...

"a butterfly farted 600 miles away"

Haha. I think they used that phrase in the SciFi Channel show "7 Days" to show how even the slightest cause has a rippel effect on time and space. Is that where you got that from?

Sahara Chick said...

Still no Verizon truck driving across the street? I'll just impersonate you again and get it done. =)

I hope JTP forgives you for forgetting the pudding. There are worse things in life.

You are beautiful my dear sister-in-law and I hope that the remainder of your week does not experience any outages.

Carpe diem!

MB said...

You are thinking of "The Butterfly Effect", dear brother-in-law, a theory popularized about 40 years ago by meteorologist Edward Lorenz. But yes, same concept.

Thank you, my favorite Esther. I like having a little sister :)

Becky said...

Could it be Comcast? Here's a great example of why we love Comcast:


classickelly21 said...

So sorry to hear about the cable. I can't imagine how I managed before the DVR. I suppose I young enough to know how to work the VCR and set it to record but I really love the DVR, esp since they schedule all the good shows against each other. I do hope you are reconnected soon.

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