Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good Times

There are some days when I really... don't miss The Swamp. Like when I read news pieces like this concerning a gas station that's about five feet away from the Blonde Bachelorette Pad, Central Edition.

Every local near the airport knows about this place, legendary, in a town of tourist soaking, for its tourist soaking. It doesn't advertise its prices, which, for a location within mouse-hurling distance of the airport and across the street from two rental car posts, might tip people off. But consider the genius of this: The need to get to the airport five hours in advance for the privilege of registering your one-ounce container of Purell with the TSA, two small sweaty children in the backseat screeching about having been torn from the bosom of Buzz Lightyear, and a spiritually deep desire to escape the oncoming hurricane. You won't care that you're paying the equivalent of the GNP of Bulgaria to drop off the keys at the Thrifty counter.

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Donna said...

Oh my goodness MB! I know the station you are talking about, I nearly got fuel there last time I was in Orlando for work. What a rip off! I was so thankful I noticed the price BEFORE I fueled up.

red pill junkie said...

That guy must be mexican and his dad was the director of PEMEX!!!

But you're lucky in the sense that IT'S JUST ONE STATION. Here in Mexico wer'e gonna get a NEW increase in gasoline prices (it kills me to think we're so stupid as to export oil so we can buy import gasoline, real f%&$ing brain surgeons the people that run my cuntry).

And that gets me to my next comment, after reading what that guy said:

"As you can see, the pumps are practically full. Everybody knows what the price is because they have to hit the little lever and they see the price above the lever. And that is how you get away with it."

You should thank God on your knees this guy runs a gas station instead of a HOSPITAL! Just as the surgeon is going to open you with the scalpel, he wakes you out of the anesthesy and tells "Oh! just so you know, your insurance won't cover this procedure."

SaharaChick said...

This is tourist "hunting" season at it's best!!

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