Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Aisle Runner

This is me and my dad and one expensive little stroll. My home parish has a long-butt aisle, and walking the length of it allows time for a great deal of reflection, and at one point I wondered how much each precious little bridal step was costing him. At least one McDonald's Big Breakfast per footprint.

On the DVD replay, I'm thinking a wildflower bouquet was not the best choice. Wildflowers are supposed to sway gently in the wind until Julie Andrews tromps on them; wildflowers ruched into an enormous bouquet and shoved in the hands of a structurally unsound bride are just... no. My aisle walk, and you only get one, was completely hijacked by the shock waves of my bouquet, the setting for which had apparently been changed from "polite/quiet" to "vibrate."

I don't recall wearing this expression. I don't remember doing, saying, emoting, or gesturing a great many things that wound up on the pictures. The entire wedding pictorial review must be what any Star Wars prequel actor has ever experienced; I am cognizant of walking around one place, but appear on film in quite another. On the DVD you can see Han shooting first in the background right before we cut the cake.

I remember rolling out of the pocket to the left of the Hot Springs Portable Spa Holy Water Font and feeling immense relief that an inert, tantrum-stricken form of the ringbearer was not littering the area; I remember seeing my cousin's six-year-old step out into the aisle and level a pink Disney Princess disposable camera in my general direction; I remember Josh The Pilot coming into view and clenching and unclenching his right fist a lot, like he was preparing for a major brawl or a military court martial or possibly both. I think marriage is somewhere in the middle.

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college gal said...

For the record, I love the wildflowers!

Starnarcosis said...

Sorry to hear the bouquet functioned at less than optimal bouquet-ness, because it's gorgeous.
I suspect many people don't remember much of their actual ceremony, I know I don't. I think it's because you're partially concentrating on NOT MESSING THIS UP, and partially on the enormity of what's happening. Adding breathing, etc., in there and who's got time for long term memory storage?

amy lou the reader said...

I think your flowers are lovely, but then again, I'm seeing the stationary version.

Weddings go by in a blur, don't they? I hardly seemed to get into ours and it was over.

cousin alicia said...

I had a wildflower bouquet and thought it would be light and airy. I was shocked when it was so heavy! Not good for a nervous, shaking bride!

tamar said...

You truly were/are a gorgeous bride!

Life's a Laugh said...

One thought...lovely. You look great though must agree that the bouquet of wildflowers, while colorful and good looking unto themselves, totally obscures the rest of your beautiful dress.

Better a Big Breakfast per foot, than Outback dinner per foot. If the entire ceremony/reception costs more than your newly acquired home, might be a bit much.

red pill junkie said...

"On the DVD replay, I'm thinking a wildflower bouquet was not the best choice."

Haven't you learned ANYTHING from George Lucas?? For your 10th anniversary you can ask ILM to change the DVD so the bouquet turns from wildflowers to roses, and for your 20th it could be violets, and so on and so forth so that by your 50th they could be venus flytraps or whatever!

HelloBettyLou said...

You are lovely

PatsFan said...

MB, Great felicitations on your recent nuptuals !! Congratulations, JTP, and Best Wishes to both of you!!

Love, love, love the bouquet... and that look on your face is just one of sheer joy and happiness... or so I like to think!! Only reason you don't recognize it is because it is one of those rare looks saved for such joyous occasions, that when you see yourself with that look on your face you just go, "wow, is that really me???" At least you can look at the picture and say, "wow, is that really me? I look GREAT!!!!"

Anne said...

You look beautiful! Personally, I cried myself down the aisle right up until I took my soon-to-be husband's hand. I guess if it was the opposite it would have been A SIGN.

I'm glad you didn't have any signs but good ones!

Anne from Iowa

Anonymous said...

Love the wildflowers and I haven't seen you in an ad for "World's Worst Bouquets" so it couldn't have vibrated that much.

Glad to see the picture, you look wonderful.

lemming said...

At the risk of being repeticious, they are beautiful, unsusual and bright, but absolutely what I would expect you to have in your hand as you make that oh so expensive walk.

Danielle said...

You look GORGEOUS! So happy to hear your big day went well, congrats!

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