Monday, July 30, 2007

In Sickness

Today Josh The Pilot is provided with the fabulous opportunity to take this particular part of the wedding vows for a test drive: This morning I took my temperature with a digital thermometer while three-quarters asleep, and when the screen flashed "F", I pushed it away, wondering what kind of idiot needed to remind us all that I had set the display to Fahrenheit readings.

One who would like to alert the customer of a fever, it seems, and I have passed the greater part of the day rolled in a little bridal ball of body chills, crying silently as many unpacked boxes and a large stack of unwritten thank-you notes offer what comfort they can. When Josh comes home from work, he will dump me in the car and drive me to the urgent care center, and thus we adhere to our goal of never allowing marriage to stop us from a regular schedule of romantic dates. For some reason, this type of thing was never discussed in The Knot.

So in lieu of anything particularly insightful today, have a picture of Will The Baby Nephew a couple weeks before his first birthday; he is slightly larger now than he was a year ago. You'll feel better. But unless he shows up on my doorstep packing antibiotics, I won't.

toddle forth, little man at:


Monica said...

I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. If only you still had that bottle of gin to kill the germs!

I am being bombarded by allergens and am using that as an excuse to skip water aerobics. I really don't think I have the lung capacity to handle the effort it takes to squeeze myself into a bathing suit.

So, I was just going over your previous posts and admiring the romantic picture of you and your groom dancing at your wedding (see your Wedding FAQ of July 23, 2007), when I noticed some guy in the background, apparently getting ready to do a PowerPoint presentation. What's up with that? Did you share the reception hall with some kind of corporate quarterly meeting?

red pill junkie said...

Too bad you ran out of "medicine gin". Because as one very wise and old mexican saying goes:


(For every sickness, mezcal,
and for every wellness, too!)

Hope you feel better soon. If you ask me, all the emotions and hard work of the wedding are finally taking their toil. This is your body's way to telling you "take it easy" for a little while.

Jules said...

....and your fingernails are blue!!


mike the pseudo-uncle said...

My best friend's babies were born in this calendar week, so they had a joint birthday party yesterday. Phoenix, at 3, has reached the age where she enjoys showing off the things she knows, even to people who are well aware of them. "That's my brudder," she said, pointing at Orion, "he's one!" Yes, I know, Phoenix, I was there. "And I'm FEE!" Yeah, I was there, too.

Orion, however, is the exact opposite, being still too young to remember much of anything, including who I am. This is always a delicate situation, since I bring a formidably scary presence to the average infant, so I always have to spend the first few minutes assuaging his tiny little emotions.

Amongst the presents Phoenix received were a Nerf-style softball bat and ball. Orion found this far more fascinating though, using the pink bat to, evidently, smush imaginary bugs on the carpet. Seeing this and his blonde locks his new nickname has become "Bamm-Bamm."

Much as I love these kids, I'm not above using them for profit. I'm getting on their parents to send the recorded parts of the party to "America's Funniest Videos," and I'm hoping their future embarrassment nets their parents some cash in the short term. I don't know which scene we'll pick, though: Orion attempting to put out the solitary candle on his cake with his hand, or Phoenix's little skirt falling off when she bent over to retrieve a present from the floor.

amy lou the reader said...

Get better soon, MB!

Anonymous said...

Those are my in-laws, Monica, A/V Specialists Extraordinaries. They were getting everything ready for a slide show of baby pictures. Sadly, no spinning pie charts or zoomy typing noises were involved.

Lisa the college student said...

Here's my "get-better soon remedy" recipe (works for me every time): limoncello (lemon liqueur) and whiskey mixed together, either warmed or with ice, depending on how your throat feels; and take some echinacea and vitamin C, too. And sleep. =) Congrats on getting to the first hurdle -- "in sickness and in health..."

Lisa the college student said...

p.s. sorry, forgot; should add honey in with the limoncello and whiskey. much better that way. especially warm.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better today.

It couldn't possibly be morning sickness that you have, could it?

ShannJ said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Elisabeth said...

Morning sickness, huh?! After that oh-so-moving toast by the twin-in-law at the reception, I would be gravely disappointed seeing as how morning sickness does not generally show up within a week!!

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