Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Four days before the wedding, we shall now discuss the entire point of marriage.

Health insurance.

It made me cry, the health insurance. After five years of without and just-as-good-as-without, I now had Pile o' Plans. Blue Cross. Aetna. United HealthCare. They wanted to cover me. They were advertising to me and my pre-existing conditions, with big glossy brochures and photos of children of many races, all because I am marrying a man employed by the federal government. It's a thick bureaucratic line between the co-pay have and have-nots, and that line is built of many, many reams of paper intent upon informing me that kidney transplants and initial pap smears are covered, but adult orthodontia and sex-change operations are not.

My OCD and I are lumped right in with substance abuse cases. Awesome. I love it when people view a neurological disorder through the same legal lens as Babette the Crackwhore's next hit! It's a good day here in Bridesville.

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Josh The Pilot said...

You're welcome, darlin'.

Cya tomorrow!

MB said...

Aside to college gal: Looks like I'll be in NYC in September :)

amy lou the reader said...

Great picture, MB. I went nine months without insurance, which is far less than your five, but once I started work at my current job it got better.

Granted, we pay through the nose in premiums, but it's better than not having it at all.

Four days to the wedding! You must be so excited. That time is flying by.

red pill junkie said...

You can actually UNDERSTAND all those legal papers?? awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bridie Girl!

My hubby works for the gov't too. I love my BCBS-FEP. They cover drugs, too, which helps 'cause I take a few for my depression (also lumped in with the substance abuse). When you save a crap ton of money for anti-depressants it sure makes you thankful for insurance, and also feel bad for the people who don't.

Anonymous said...

my forever goal in life is for people to realize that mental disorders are an illness!

my sister told me about a new video game that came out, and is already banned in a few countries. Something about an escapee from a mental institution and how he goes "crazy"... we can only hope that people will see through it.

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