Friday, July 06, 2007

Appearance Reminder

I'll be signing Drink to the Lasses (with a pen, as in autographing, not like "You complete me") tomorrow at the Glenway Waldenbooks in Cincinnati from 11 AM to noon.

Today was the time-honored, highly romantic Official Bridal Eyebrow Wax, so be on alert for the most surprised-looking author ever.

Also, the Department of Homeland Security has compelled me to post the following:


You have been warned.

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college gal said...

Do you think it would be possible to have a signing in the NY/NJ area? Please? Heck, I'll even travel to PA for a signing :-)

MB said...

We're working on a signing/reading in Manhattan, college gal. If you'd like to give the Saint Mary's alumnae club in that area my airfare, it would really expedite things :) I'm so glad you'd like to have one in your area... you'll be the first to know!

Monica said...

Well, surprised-looking author, I will be the lobster-red publishing chick gripping the MapQuest directions in my sweaty, tanning booth-cooked hand. That is, if I can find my way across town from Mason. I have a sad habit of getting lost whenever I venture too far from I-71, 275 or 75.

If you do end up in NJ, try to make it on Cape May during the week of August 18-25. I'll be there that week, and my sister and I would love for you to join us at the spa for a pedicure!

Anonymous said...

I hope you come back to ND/St. Mary's again in the next 3 years. I'd love to get my book signed, and wasn't there for the first signing.

MB said...

Thanks, anon! We're working on it-- one of the creative writing classes used DttL as a textbook, and I might swing by :) Hope to see you then.

theologienne said...

Ohnoes! Hope that confluence of dates didn't mess with the honeymoon . . . And as I write this, OMGCONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

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