Saturday, June 09, 2007

View from the office

Three days ago I got to play air taxi pilot. The owner of my flight school's Piper Arrow needed to go to Greensboro, NC. He wanted to use his airplane to get there but needed someone to bring it back here to Northern Virginia so it can keep flying for the school. I volunteered to take him and on the return leg I witnessed a beautiful sunset, reminding me once again why in addition to air traffic control, my flight instructing "job" is the best in the world. I say "job" because it's not work, it's fun! Here's a video I took to share with y'all, the wonderful Readers.

Everybody please send happy thoughts towards MB to help her recover from grading those 300,000 AP English tests. She finished this afternoon but is so drained she's staying another night in Louisville rather than try to drive back to Ohio in her exhausted condition.

As the pending husband of a horse-racing enthusiast, I watched the Belmont Stakes tonight, and it was quite a race! However, as soon as I saw the amazing dental work on the British owners, I switched back to watching the Nascar Busch series race. When you're rich enough to own a horse, can't you afford a dentist? At least supposedly "redneck" Nascar drivers have good orthodontists.

Congrats to the filly at:


kredin said...


Could help but notice that NO ONE else is flying with you. If that is the case, wouldn't it better to keep BOTH HANDS on the steering wheel?

Just wondering.

Cbell said...

Just to keep the record straight... I was the only one in my family who picked the filly to win!

red pill junkie said...

So what WERE you listening on your discman dude? An wouldn't an Ipod be safer, you know, for the same reason kedrin gives about keeping your hand at the controls at all time instead of fumbling with the CDs... or didn't you see the movie "Defending your life"?

Josh The Pilot said...

Actually, it's best to fly with only two or three fingers of one hand on the control yoke/stick. If you grip the controls with both hands, you will easily overcontrol the airplane and it will not be a smooth ride. Most airplanes, once the controls are set properly, can be flown hands off, even if they don't have an autopilot.

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