Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Things Remembered

Today during a massive wedding setback, I clenched my fists into two very small balls and trembled a little bit, a thing my mother (half amazed, half frightened) said she hadn't seen me do since I was six years old. Before you step into Big Girl Marriedom, I suppose, there's one last stop at childhood. The bridesmaids' seamstress, currently farting around with one of the dresses in HONG KONG, sees to that.

Carah The BFFE came in last week. This is yet another sign that This Is Happening; we're importing people from Scotland now. It's a little more serious than when the mailbox door swung shut on the invitations. Ink and font, you can recall. Airfare, not so much.

It is good that she's here, as perhaps the best bridal advice I have ever received was gathered while watching her on her wedding day. An hour and a half before the wedding was scheduled to start, one of the bridesmaids approached her:

BRIDESMAID: Carah, there's a problem with--

CARAH THE BFFE: Is there anything I can do about it?


CARAH THE BFFE: Then I don't want to know.

Wise woman, the BFFE.

oh, and I have a 25-page article to write too at: mbe@drinktothelasses.com


JeanR said...

MB -- just accept that something will go wrong at the wedding -- it happens to everyone. Take my wedding for example -- there was a 100 year flood that day! Interstates were close. The B&B where the reception was going to be had a roof that was leaking and no electricity that morning. When I went to put my dress in the car I dropped my keys, couldn't find them and got completely soaked looking for them. I got to the hair place in tears and called my fiance to ask him to bring me some dry clothes. He showed up a little while later with dry clothes -- including dry undies (I didn't even remind him). Not very romantic but I knew for sure he was a keeper. Long story short -- it rained (and rained and rained) but the wedding and reception were great. We knew that everyone who was there really wanted to be because it took some serious effort to make it in that weather. Hang in there! Your wedding won't be perfect but those imperfections will be great memories. You may not think so right now but they will be!

mike, lifeline said...

Uh, when's the deadline on this?

Not the article, the wedding.

Kayla :-) said...

Wow, great wisdom from Carah!

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