Friday, June 29, 2007


Well, I don't know about you, but I've junked my boring old bridesmaids gifts in favor of three of these:

And, of course, a charming little something for me:

You can get it personalized, girls! In rhinestones! I'm getting one in every color!

Fortunately there are people of better taste out there, people like Sarah The Former Student Who Is Now Sarah The Reader. Sarah took care of the wall sconces, everybody, both of them. I shall live in a sconced home, and every time I scrape the hardened, sooty wax out of the bottom of the votives, I will think kindly of Sarah.

Wall sconces, like scoops, are the sort of things I never thought I'd own. Sconces, pfffft-- I had highway construction signs to nail to the wall. Same deal.

I am now in a highly realized state, a woman with a scoop, and many checklists, and a sconce. Two sconces! Thank you, Sarah.

small defensive earthwork or fort at:


Sarah said...

Freeze the votive cups in your freezer, and when the wax is hard just pop it out with a butterknife. No having to think of me for more than five seconds or so!
You're welcome :D

Anonymous said...

She comes with advice, too! Great tips-- thanks :)

college gal said...

Love the rhinestones!

I wish I could have cool bridesmaids gifts like you when I get married :-)

Starnarcosis said...

This takes having your name on your underwear to a new level...

Jenn said...

Do you mean to say you are now "ensconced"? (And why didn't you? I wouldn't have been able to resist. Obviously.)

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