Friday, June 08, 2007

Blonde Champagne Cribs

Two weeks from today MB and I will close on a beautiful townhouse here in Northern Virginia. Of course, with prices the way they are in this area there is no way we can afford it on our own. However, thanks to my brother Dan, who will be "investing" in the place with us, we won't have to live in an apartment for the first year or two of our married life. Thanks Dan!

Here's a video of the main floor. My favorite feature is the "see-through" staircase.

No, I don't watch MTV at:


classickelly21 said...

MB & JTP--

What a wonderful 1st floor. I am so excited that you get a yard with your house. That is totally awesome. I hope things go well over the next two weeks as you close on the deal.

Dan-It is wonderful and smart of you to invest in such a worth couple. I am sure they will remember you when they are rich and famous. (Or at least rich.)

college gal said...

It's gorgeous! I love the hardwood floors and the fireplace! Now I have to be honest, those stairs are a bit disconcerting...but you can probably get used to that. The kitchen is pretty big too.

Congratulations on a gorgeous home!

red pill junkie said...

You guys, the place looks awesome. With a yard and all, it's got tons of light, you got it made!! Congratulations

Chelsea said...

Congrats! My husband and I are buying our first home, too. We close on it mid July! Best wishes!

ShannJ said...

Beautiful place guys!! Congratulations!!! I do have to say, those stairs would freak me out until I got used to them. Enjoy your new home!!!

Cbell said...

What a great place!!! I can see loads of potential... lots of color needed on those white walls!!!

Anonymous said...

Carah says: Um, those cool stairs and that awesome fireplace are TOTALLY not baby-proof! That's how I see houses these days... Congratulations, and I hope you have many happy memories there!

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