Thursday, May 10, 2007

Welcome Readers

Georgia Rules.

Or... mostly not.


Hollee said...

Geez, can't wait to not see that movie. Thanks dearest.

red pill junkie said...

Nice list, but I think "Steel Magnolias" could have entered too.

And "Spanglish" too, while we're at it. If only to drool by the sight of gorgeous Paz Vega ;-)

AlaskaMe said...

Star Wars – only you could take a movie series which contains the immortal legacy of the line “Luke I am your father” and turn it into a Mother’s Day must see. Hysterical!

kelebek }{ said...

I think I need to stop my addiction to gossip blogs. The first thing I noticed in the article was the misspelled name of Ms. Lohan.
*Goes of to check out d-listed*

Kristen said...

Your movie reviews are fabulous. I do, however, have one point of contention: How could you fail to mention the 5 hour BBC Pride & Prejudice, which is so obviously and completely superior to the recent remake with the wimpy Mr. Darcy? I am now going to bury myself in said film to recover from this tragedy.

Anonymous said...

My...we are fixated with the Star Wars women aren't we? First "The Incredible Shrieking Padme" and now this.

Anonymous said...

Hello--when will you announce where you'll be appearing in Columbus? I'm hoping to come hear/see you and buy an autographed book! :)

mike, national radio star said...

If any of you are fans of , you might have heard me call into this past Friday's show, in which the topic was "Movies You Might Take Your Mother To, But Shouldn't."

I called in with a personal anecdote; for a small present for my 14th birthday I wanted to see True Lies, which opened that weekend, but since it was rated R, my mom had to go with me. Not the best movie to see with your mom.

Since the show was fast-paced, I never got around to telling the truly embarrassing part: in one scene, Arnold Schwarzenegger tells off Tom Arnold with a dismissive comment in which he suggests that Tom should, er, give him a Monica. My mom didn't hear it and asked me, "What did he say?", to which I repeated the exact phrase Arnold used.

Uh, yeah, whoops. Happy birthday, me!

mike said...

Ugh. I don't know why my links always get borked.

The first paragraph is supposed to read, "If any of you are fans of 'The Hugh Hewitt Show,' you might have heard me call into this past Friday's show, in which the topic was 'Movies You Might Take Your Mother To, But Shouldn't.'"

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