Thursday, May 03, 2007


I've been wondering when the Official Moving Meltdown Trigger would arrive.

It wasn't when I found myself on my hands and knees painting the toilet with white acrylic craft paint because the scrubbing sponge scratched the lid.

It wasn't when I looked with horrified shame upon the Pile O'Crap I was donating to Goodwill and realized that I was casting off more than some people accumulate in their entire lives.

It wasn't when I was forced to duct-tape the cabinet knob that fell off last January and is apparently coated with some sort of extraterrestrial resistance to glue.

It was when I began to fix myself dinner and realized that there were no forks. There! Were! No! Forks! In! The! Kitchen! I had to drive to 7-11 and scavenge some plastic ones from the hot dog counter.

A lack of forks will get you every time.

many thanks to Lois The Pending Wonder Mother-In-Law for cramming the car at:


HunterHouseMom said...

I see JTP will have to teach you to eat with your fingers like we did in Africa. :)

It was good to be able to help out yesterday. I think I have the "send to VA" stuff correctly separated from the "send to Goodwill/new homes" stuff.

The tie-downs worked fine. No mattress left behind on I-4 :)

ShannJ said...

Darn forks'll getcha every time. ;-) Good luck with the move!

Jenn said...

Eating with fingers is great--at least if you are expecting to. A lack of can-openers, though, is pretty traumatic.

red pill junkie said...

"I see JTP will have to teach you to eat with your fingers like we did in Africa. :)"

That's why we mexicans invented the TORTILLA!! ;-)

Leslie said...

Seriously, I'm trying to imagine something I could cook that would be so in need of a fork that I'd drive to get one. I have much less couth than you.

Emma said...

I'm sorry, but you've left yourself wide open, posted the day before someone could say (and trust me, my other half did on the train to work) "May the Fourth be with you!" I can't resist... sorry... "Use the Forks Luke!"

May this bring a smile to your face!!

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