Monday, May 07, 2007


This week I am in floating in the middle of my fifth move in five years. By July, it will be six. The man I am making the last two moves for has just endured a full blown, three-part fight with me over the following things:

1) the physical placement of the Route 10 bypass
2) whether or not I should be making copies of my bank statements
3) The King of Queens

I'm tired, is all.


Josh The Pilot said...

We made up by folding laundry together. :)

Genevieve said...

Aw, a sure sign that the marriage will last.

Jcat said...

You're still in shock over the passing of the vaccum. That's a tough loss to bear.

My finance and I often get into fights while folding laundry. He thinks it's funny to throw my unfolded clothes into my neatly stacked folded clothes and knock them over. I'm glad that it's theraputic for you, though.

smc said...

ha! Reminds me of planning my wedding. We had a knock-down, drag-out fight over at what point the ear becomes the ear lobe. I blame it on the stress of picking out placemats.

We are very happily married, now that the whole ear thing has been settled.

Cbell said...

I never make copies of my bank statements... isn't that what electronic banking is for?

I do save them to my hard drive that I back up periodically.

Probably why I'm still single.

Tamar said...

King of Queens? Just curious what the fight was based on. Like/dislike of the program?

boblawblogger said...

Well it's better than fighting over a WGN rerun of Becker. When that happens, throw in the towel.

Rachel said...

The implausibility of Doug landing Carrie? The impossibility of living with Jerry Stiller? (OK, Jerry Stiller's *character.*) How it's still on?

laura in virginia said...

I don't know who you bank with, but at the bank I work for, we can easily print more than 2 years worth of statements while you're at the branch if you need them. We tend to be slow on technology, so I'd bet other banks can too.

classickelly21 said...

It is okay, just keep telling yourself that this next move is the last one for a long time. I bet by the time you have to move out of the newlywed nest, you'll be able to hire a moving company to pack and do it all for you.

Hang in there.

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