Thursday, May 17, 2007

A NEW CAR!!!!!

The only thing I've ever found remotely wantable on The Price Is Right was cash and a trip to Australia, both of which were given away on tonight's final broadcast, so perhaps it's best that Bob Barker is stepping down.

I am grateful, however, that Jim The Small Child Nephew was able to experience Bob and his stupid skinny microphone, which for some reason increased in size even as technology insisted upon presenting ways for Bob to go wireless. It took Jim almost a year to get out a "Mommy," but "Come on down!" he got by the first wheel spin.

Perhaps I'm compelled to write about this because my main childhood Price Is Right relationship was concerned with it being over. When the Showcase Showdown was done, it was time to go to afternoon kindergarten.

I did not anticpate the Showcase Showdown.

Maybe that explains my aversion to dinette sets.

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boblawblogger said...

I agree about that stupid microphone. My college roommate called it "a gumball on a stick"

Remember, spay and neuter your pets.

Amy said...

I would like to know what network exec thought, "How can we celebrate Bob Barker's wonderful 50 years in television? I KNOW! We can make him WORK! We'll do a prime time episode of The Price Is Right!"

I think it's a bit wrong that Bob had to work through his celebratory special. But the bloopers of people falling down on the stairs and while spinning the wheel were AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, Bob Barker creeps me out. He's always had this attitude about himself and I always thought he seemed sort of cold to the contestants. Oh well, he's obviously been doing something right for 50 years. Personally, I liked Rod Roddy the best even though his fashion sense left a little something to be desired!


red pill junkie said...

I loved to watch all those game shows on my school summer vacations with my sisters (back when we got all the american channels on cable here in Mexico, in fact I owe a great deal to Mr Rogers and his neighborhood... but that's another story)! One we particularly liked was one when people were yelling and singing "NO WAMMIES!" and they showed these funny cartoons if the contestant fell in a wammy slot. Can anyone remember the name of this late-80's game?

MB said...

Press Your Luck.

Also a favorite. Sadly, though, no skinny microphones.

mike, whammy bar said...

That would be the other show that Rod Roddy announced for, and it ran from 1983-86 and is still a cult hit on the GSN network.

Note to any CBS execs: if "TPIR" just doesn't click with a replacement host, bring back "PYL." Better yet, make it a new big-money prime-time game. Hey, it can't possibly be any dumber than "National Bingo Night." I'll host, and you don't have to pay me Howie Mandel's salary.

MB, I find it hard to believe you don't get into "TPIR," given its adorable cheesiness. But then again, there is a lot of latent math in virtually all of the games.

Also, despite the way some of the commercials hyped it, Bob's last show is on June 15.

smc said...

Red Pill Junkie: The name of the whammie game show was "Press Your Luck." My sister and I still do the wah wah wahhhhhhhh in unison when something bad happens.

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