Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Go Time

I'm seriously at go time with this packing. I'm just hurling everything into bags and boxes at random at this point. The crusty dryer sheet I peeled from the bottom of the bathroom cabinet goes! Stack of bent paper plates bearing the 2005 Kentucky Derby symbol, you're coming with me!

Today I saw an ad for The Bill Engvall Show, and initially I paid it only the passing attention it warranted as the potential downfall of the entirety of Western Civilization. Then I saw the premier date: July 17.

I'll be married by then.

It had not yet occurred to me that mankind had scheduled any events past July 14. Because really, once I stand around for seventeen hours in a dress that weighs slightly more than the entirety of Fiji, what else is there?

And THEN I was again reminded that the universe really does revolve around me by none other than you, The Readers. Some wedding gifts arrived, and oh. There is going to be cookies.

Juleverde The Reader has sent us a cookie sheet. That's room for a whole dozen cookies, ten if I haven't already eaten the dough. So the next time the lovely, talented, and thoughtful Juleverde is in town, she is more than welcome to all ten. Thank you, Juleverde.

And now, the extreme awesomeness that is... Taryn The Reader. Taryn shall drink!

Taryn is a full-set thinker. You may hold Taryn completely responsible for any crap writing that may result from repeated us of the margarita set AND the glassware set to put it in. She even thought to include a set of kitchen towels to mop up the ensuing spew. I would go to any party hosted by Taryn. Many, many thanks.

squeeeee, presents! at:


Josh The Pilot said...

Thank you so so so much, Juleverde and Taryn!

ShannJ said...

Moving crunch time is the worst! Best of luck and give me a call when you get here!

the celina(s) said...

See, I don't wanna get married yet. I just want to have a wedding. I want a big party where I get to be the center of attention and get lots and lots of presents during the months that precede said big party.


By the way, MB, I don't know if you're aware of this but your blog makes for some great study breaks. Oh FINALS.

college gal said...

By the way, MB, I don't know if you're aware of this but your blog makes for some great study breaks. Oh FINALS.

That is oh-so-true! The only way I've made it 4/5 of the way through finals is by taking a mental health break every once and a while thereby justifying the fact that i can surf through the whole blog. At 5:27 am. After an all night-er.

MBE = Refreshing, indeed.
CG = Crazy, maybe :-)

mike, food and drink traditionalist said...

Mmmmmmm, margaritas and cookies.

Yeah, nothing goes together like that.

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