Friday, April 20, 2007

Will (Just Not Much)

Will The Baby Nephew has officially achieved mobility, as earlier this week he was all "Fine," and crawled at something he wanted when nobody brought it to him, as they are supposed to.

It's merely a reflection of the fact, however, that he has no doubt inherited his aunt's work ethic. He'll measure out precisely how far he has to actually move his legs and arms, flop forward the rest of the way, and then lie there. He will either be a writer or a customer service represenative.

no bra at 3 PM at:


a bra-ffer mike can't refuse said...

no bra at 3 PM

Uh, congratulations?

tamar said...

Hey, I salute her! I have a "The Rack" of my own, and there are days when I'm not going anywhere that I'll let them run free on the open (uh, ok not OPEN open) plain.

Here's to letting the mammories run free! :)

Theologienne said...

MB, I've been thinking of you as I'm reading the followup to Virginia Tech. I've been surprised by how many people seem to be calling for more oversight from colleges and mental health services (which seems wrong and invasive to me) rather than stricter gun control. As a conservative and a consumer (and sorry if I'm applying these words wrongly) what do you think?

Also, yay, no bra, etc.


Anonymous said...

Mental health, unfortunately, isn't like a car diagnostic. Many reached out to this guy, but it seems he was determined to remain immersed in evil and his own self.

It's easy to Monday-morning quarterback this situation, but here's the thing: It wasn't guns, it wasn't the college, it wasn't the media, it wasn't the cops, it wasn't bullying, it wasn't video games, it wasn't the parents, it wasn't the culture. It was a combination of all these things and more, just like an airplane crash-- a LOT had to go wrong for this to happen. So a quick fix in just one area isn't necessarily going to prevent this from happening again.

Jcat said...

Thank you for your level headed and rational opinion. I get so sick and tired of the media and politicians trying to point their finger at one thing that was the problem (guns, music, video games, etc). Very few (if any) of them seem to realize how complciated these issues ar, and that there is not one magic fix.

tamar said...

America at large doesn't want to realize how complex the problem is. It's much easier to just point one finger. Sometimes I think that the Amish have the right idea, and that technology and advancement are just leading us to the End.

There are days that I'd gladly give up what we have and go back to a simpler time. (I just wanna bring the washing machine, that's ok, right???) :)

Thank you for being a point of light during dark times.

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