Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nitty Gritty

Today I threw away candles.

It's at that point in the Great Pack before I leave The Swamp in May. I have these little stubby-stubs sitting in candleholders, good smelly candles, but stubby-stubs, and I looked at them and was like, "Preserve the 57 cents worth of candles... or leave room for the high school class ring."

I cannot tell you how offensive this is to my German reuse-the-diaper-as-dustrag heart. "There's a whole milliliter of Tilex left in here! It needs to come with me!" I'm down to my last roll of toilet paper, but I have a whole pack of paper towels, so if the roll doesn't make it, that one square is about to get a lot bigger.

But it's amazing how little one begins to care about things when one weighs the work involved in strapping said thing to the top of a car. Last night I heaved an entire bookcase out the door, the same bookcase it took me two viewings of Sixteen Candles to properly assemble. Fare thee well, O particle board.

Tomorrow: The snap-together linen closet from Target. We've had some good times, linen closet. Enjoy the Goodwill pile.

time to replace the drip pans at:


Life's a Laugh said...

Don't you love moving? It makes one really question the necessity of many personal items. That box o' knick knacks that I just couldn't seem to part with when my husband wanted me to donate it to Goodwill was readily, and happily, thrown away when I was required to pack it up to move. Glad to see I have my priorities straight.

Cbell said...

This is what I get for having emergency gall bladder surgery last week. A week away from reading this blog... and now I think I may have to go back to the doctor to repair what has come apart in my laughter.

Thanks for the greatest healing of all!

MB said...

Aw, thanks, cbell. Hope you're feeling better. I'm glad you're home now.

Lisa said...

When my mum moved from her apartment to a 'garden apartment' in a long term care facility, it fell to my best friend and I to clean out the apartment, stuffed with the 'leftovers'.
To this day I do not understand why Mom had six cans of Fix-O-Flat stored in her nightstand.
On the other hand, when we cleared out my husband's grandfather's house I found $5000 stuffed in a coat.
So good luck with your adventures in packing!

ShannJ said...

Hey everybody,
I just nominated MB for Best Humor Blog over at Head on over to the site, create an account, and cast a vote for our favorite blogger!!!! Thanks for always keeping a smile on our faces MB!!!

ShannJ said...

On the, MB is also nominated for The "Blogitzer". So what are you waiting for? Go vote!!!

MB said...

Aw, thanks, Shannyboat :)

CJ said...

I know exactly what you mean about being unable to throw stuff away, MB. I too carry the German 'thriftiness' gene. Just can't see to throw away that bar of soap that has been reduced to a mere sliver, or that can of styling mousse with a half inch of foam (even though I've moved on to another brand).

But, thankfully, you've given me a new way to make up my mind about pitching stuff -- I just need to stop and think 'would MB want to strap this on the top of her car and move it to Virginia?'. If the answer is no, out it goes!

Thank you! Maybe your next book should be a self-help guide!

ShannJ said...

Aw, don't thank me - you totally deserve it for entertaining us every day! Now get over there and vote for yourself woman!! :-)

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