Sunday, April 15, 2007

Inappropriate comment of the weekend

"It's nice to see guys getting dirty." - ESPN commentator during the Johns Hopkins versus Univ. of Maryland lacrosse game. Yes, I watched a college lacrosse game today, but only after the Nascar race was over.

During Nascar, I also watched the Champ Car race at:


classickelly21 said...


Did you see how Juan, my new favorite driver, made Tony spin and almost crash out of the race. I thought it was VERY unfair that he didn't, especially afer he made Jimmie crash and then Kyle smack into Jr. I kept hoping someone would just put that orange car into the wall for good. At least he didn't get a win out of it.

The best lacrosse comment I ever knew was on a T shirt I once owned. It was in the era of co-ed naked and said "It's all in how you move your stick." Still one of my favorites.

steve said... best be careful how you discuss that orange car, lest tony walk out onto the track and punch your car as its driving by...huh? he already did that to gordon? ok, nevermind, he'll probably let it slide then

Jeremiah the Twin Brother said...

"Its all in how you move your stick."

....ahahahahahahahaha! That's awesome! :D

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