Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Will The Baby Nephew continues to separate himself from his big brother.

"It's Baby Will!" Jim The Small Child Nephew says whenever someone totes his sibling into view. "Baby Will so cute!"

Those with brothers, or siblings, or who simply know other people tell me to enjoy it while it lasts. But Will seems intent up on preserving his space within the realm of King James. He's now banging around in some kind of walky-device, and blending this with his other main hobby, headrushing: While Jim settles in for his daily check on whether or not Cars will end the same way, Will has taken to backing up to the television set and craning his head upside down, all while carefully avoiding blocking the view of Big Brother.

He is his own man, Baby Will is.

McQueen! at:

Will's Cuteness UPDATE: Those of you raving about his eyes should also fully appreciate the Prince's dimples:


amy lou the reader said...

MB - Those eyes are amazingly blue. Your nephew is adorable!

red pill junkie said...

and check out the size of those eye lashes!

Anonymous said...

Now that is one cutie-patootie ootie... Baby talk isn't the same in print, is it? Regardless, the little prince is very sweet looking. I bet Jim the small child nephew won't be thinking Will is "cute" for too much longer!


stacey said...

What a doll!

the buxom wench said...

Oh my aching uterus :)

mike, vroooom said...

I have no idea why, but buxom's comment made me snert.

Jim likes Cars, huh? So does every toddler between the ages of two and five. I don't know what it is about that movie.

Though it could be worse. My boss' son is two, and to him, the movie and every character in it is "Mater." The movie's name is "Mater," Lightning McQueen is "Mater," everything is "Mater."

Samantha Leigh said...

I absolutely loved Cars and I'm 21! My favorite one is Mater ;-)

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