Thursday, March 01, 2007

Recall All Peeps

James Cameron has found the body.

Well! Now I can have that nice steak on Friday night. This certainly does make my life easier!

"Well, I don’t put my ego in this, so I don’t take great satisfaction in attaching my name to something like this," sayeth James. Oh. Well, as long as it's not about your ego, Sir King Of the World, we're cool.

As this is the same man who inflicted "My Heart Will Go On" and Leonardo DiCaprio and "A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets" upon the world, potentially bringing about the utter downfall of Christianity pales by comparison. Man, if Celine Dion even gets involved in this, I can rest my mind about the rigors of wedding reception seating charts, 'cause the Apocalypse, she has arrived.

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the mike-inator said...

When you think about it, it's only natural that James Cameron should make this discovery. After all, didn't Jesus once seriously intone, "I'll be back"?

jcat said...

Stories like this just make me laugh. Like they're really going to prove anything or cause a major religion to fold.
My favorite comment in all of this was from an ABC story. They were interviewing an expert (of history or something relevant), and when asked whether it could really be Jesus' tomb, he said 'Sure, Jesus was a very popular name back then.'

Owen the Reader said...

Sometimes I just stand in wonder of the sheer ego of it. The rest of the time I'd really, really like the opportunity to thump them upside the head with a hardbound of Mere Christianity.

amy lou the reader said...

Stories like this pop up this time of year.

Remember last year, it was the gospel of Judas find, the revelation that Jesus didn't walk on water but ice, and some author saying he had proof Jesus didn't die on the cross?

So this doesn't even phase me.

But, for the record, if Peeps disappeared from the planet, I wouldn't mind. I hate those things.

Jess said...

In focus groups, the scene with the highest score was the clip of Mary Magdalene dropping a necklace into the ossuary. Then Jesus, through the power of CG, comes back to life and begins waltzing with Kate Winslet.
So much hoopla for so much bupkis..makes me want to wretch.

Josh The Pilot said...

What makes Christianity different is they can't indisputably find the body of the Person who started it, which means He's probably still alive, though not necessarily physically on this earth. In my analysis, this makes Christianity the only true path because the founders of ALL the other religions can be found in their graves. We know where Mohammed's body is. We know where the Buddha is buried. We know where Confucious rests. Brigham Young is still dead, last time I heard. Don't even get me started on Wica, Unitarianism, Scientology, etc.
I do not mean to offend any genuine subscribers to these religions. I simply submit this for your consideration.

stacey said...

I'm with you, Josh. It's all in the resurrection. Jesus is the only one in the history of the world to claim that he would resurrect, then prove it.

PS - A fantasic source on this subject is "The Case for Christ" (written by Lee Strobel, an athiestic journalist who was trying to prove Christianity wrong, then ended up converting), if anybody wants more info.

Jcat said...

JTP: there are a couple pieces missing to that argument. One is that religion is more than an afterlife, it's also about a doctrine that leads you to leave a good life. The second is that some religions, like Buddhism, believe in reincarnation of the spirit as well as eventually reaching Nirvana. The body is just a vessel that is left behind as the spirit moves on, so leaving a body behind does not counter beliefs. It's all about the beliefs you evaluate with.

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