Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Last Call for next Ask JTP

I have the next two days off from work, during which I will be compiling the next volume of Ask JTP: Proposal FAQs - Groom Edition, but I haven't received many questions yet. Perhaps y'all are still in shock over the results of Sunday's football games. If it helps, I'm not completely thrilled with the results either.

Tonight, I will post a video on YouTube of Mary Beth and me on the Skysurfer ride at the Daytona Beach Pier. Thanks to Mary Beth's Aunt Jeanne for supplying the birthday cash we used to pay for the ride.

Again, please send in your questions, and feel free to ask whatever you like, even if it's not proposal-related.


Dantelope said...

1) If the pilot and copilot of a large commercial airliner were to die suddenly -- say from eating the airline's own horrific food offerings -- while the plane was in-flight, what are the first three things I'd need to do after soiling myself?

2) If the Hulk, Han Solo, and Gilbert Gottfried were in a fight, who would emerge victorious, and why?

3) What if there were no hypothetical questions?

I await your wisdom.

recentlymarried said...

JTP--what is the thing you are most looking forward to about your wedding to MB (besides, of course, the whole taking vows to love one another forever)?

Also, what tasks have you been assigned to? Are you getting your jobs done?

Good luck

Laney said...

Hey JTP! You’re doing a great job filling in. I think I read in an earlier post that you and MB are going to be attending separate churches. Is that right or am I taking crazy pills? I hated going to church alone and believe it or not I actually got hit on even with my wedding ring on. (This of course was earlier in the marriage and before the invention of “Single Sunday”) My husband soon started attending church with me to keep his “pimp hand” strong.

Dan, You are so crazy!LOL

Anonymous said...

This may be waaaaay out of line(and you totally don't have to answer it), but are you suffering wedding night anxiety? I'm pretty sure that when I first started reading the blog, MB said you were both virigins.
I hate myself for even asking(and it won't hurt my feelings if you delete this comment), but I remember (vaguely) what my first time was like...and I'm so glad I got it over with. (And my boyfriend at the time and I are still really good friends--so I guess I'm lucky. Or weird. I don't know which.)
PS--I think it's really cool that you both feel strongly rooted in your faiths. I wish I believed in something.

the buxom wench said...

Okay, my question is this: What's a virigin? ;)

Anonymous said...

So what were her actual words when you asked her? Was she completely surprised? How did you choose The Ring? How did her family react?

AnnaPink said...

Y'all are so romantic. I got engaged at a Monkees concert. Also, he didn't have a ring. But what the hey? --The heart knows what it wants. Besides, I love the Monkees and have never cared for jewelry! My engagement question is...do little boys dream of their proposal/wedding day too? Or is it just girls? I seem to remember a LOT of time as a kid spent dreaming about what kind of wedding I would have (we eloped, so go figure).

red pill junkie said...

What song are you planning to choose for your "first dance" at the wedding?

WHEN (not IF mind you) MB becomes a multi-million dollar writer, which is the name you're going to give to your private plane? and are you planning on flying it wearing a black vest with a huge hairy dog as co-pilot?

lemming said...

1) What body marks (scars, odd arrangements of moles, random stray hairs) could be used to identify your body if you were brought to an ER unconcious? (Obviously delirious due to love, etc.)

2) What brand of shampoo do you prefer to use, and do you anticipate this changing post-wedding?

Josh The Pilot said...

Great questions, y'all! Look for the answers tomorrow.

Waxhaw5 said...


I'm a long-time reader of MB, but there's no way you could know me. I have that single attribute common to pretty much everybody north of Waxhaw: we're not from here. LOVE IT, not from here. Did you live in Waxhaw proper (with the other 40 people)? We're basically off 16 at New Town. If you guys ever get out this way, stop by!

Dantelope said...

Ok, so by "tomorrow" you meant... uh... what?

Josh The Pilot said...

Anon, no wedding night anxiety here!

Waxhaw5, I lived south of Waxhaw, almost to the state line, by the Jaars center.
Send me an email and we'll let you know when we're in the area!

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