Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ask Josh The Pilot: Proposal FAQs, Groom-to-be Edition, Part 3

red pill junkie said...

WHEN (not IF mind you) MB becomes a multi-million dollar writer, which is the name you're going to give to your private plane? and are you planning on flying it wearing a black vest with a huge hairy dog as co-pilot?

What song are you planning to choose for your "first dance" at the wedding?

Thanks for the vote of confidence, RPJ! You’ve discovered the true reason we’re getting married: She’s going to pay off my massive student loans with her lucrative book deals, and I’ll be providing her federal health insurance benefits. No, to be perfectly honest, I’ll still be happy being married to her even if she never sells another book after Drink to the Lasses.

The name of our private jet is still up for discussion. “Blonde Champagne One” might be cool, but not very imaginative. “Tink” would be great, but we might run into copyright issues with The Rat. I’ve also thought of “The Glitter Flyer”, but we’ll see. Perhaps we’ll have a Name! That! Airplane! contest on here similar to the Name! That! Fetus! competition we had before Will The Baby Nephew was born.

When I’m flying the jet, I’ll wear whatever MB wants me to wear, as long as it’s not a Chippendales costume, but I don’t have to worry about that because I know she won’t do that to me, which is why I’m marrying her. As for the dog, it will be huge, but not hairy. I like short-hair dogs, not long-haired, shaggy ones. Sorry, Tim Allen, but we’re going to get a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Our first dance song is going to be “Come Fly With Me”, as performed by Michael BublĂ©. Originally it was going to be “I Melt”, by Rascal Flatts, but then we discovered the BublĂ© song, so “I Melt” will be our reception closing dance. We’re also going to play “Amazed”, as performed by Lonestar, for an anniversary dance. That is where all the married couples take the floor and then are slowly eliminated by number of anniversaries so that by the end of the song the only couples left are the newlyweds and whoever has been married the longest.

lemming said...

1) What body marks (scars, odd arrangements of moles, random stray hairs) could be used to identify your body if you were brought to an ER unconscious? (Obviously delirious due to love, etc.)

2) What brand of shampoo do you prefer to use, and do you anticipate this changing post-wedding?

I have a small scar between my left eye and temple, the result of a bike accident when I was seven years old. I also have a scar on my left index finger, the result of pure 14-year-old stupidity involving a kitchen knife, but from which I can claim getting a stitch without anesthetic.

I use Suave For Men. Why would this change?

Everybody direct good luck and happy thoughts rays towards Atlanta tonight at:


MB said...

"Originally it was going to be “I Melt”, by Rascal Flatts..."

It was?

Also: We're HAVING a closing reception dance?

I learn all kinds of things on Ask Josh The Pilot days.

Josh The Pilot said...

Well, babe, I've heard women like men who are mysterious, so here you go! :-)

Ophelia said...

Perfect choice of songs for your dance!

tamar said...

You two are so adorable, you make me want to yak! Just kidding, you (both) always bring a smile to my face.

I forget, has a date been chosen? I'm wondering how long until MB starts REALLY freaking out ;)

Just kidding again, I wish you both the absolute best. Josh- you have a gorgeous, talented, hilariously funny bride to be, and MB- you sure landed an intelligent, funny, and pretty darn cute fella. (strike that- sorry Josh, I meant 'dashingly handsome')


Josh The Pilot said...

Thanks, Tamar! Check MB's original FAQs for the date.

tamar said...

Thank you. How did Atlanta go?

red pill junkie said...

Excellent choice with "come fly with me"! May I suggest also Frankie's "Fly me to the moon"? why should love limit itself to the stratosphere only? ;-)

Jenib said...

Thumbs up on the Buble song. I love listening to his music.

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