Friday, January 19, 2007


When I first announced that at the end of March I will be pushing a shopping cart loaded with my scrapbook supplies up and down International Speedway Boulevard, Jeni The Reader cautioned me against "the loonies on Craigslist." I cannot imagine what she means.

Is it the ad from the gentleman in Palm Bay who posted, "$500 seeking male nudist environment to share (click here for picture) temporarily UNLESS it's just too awesome to leave your place!"?

Is it the biker from Canada in search of a room to rent who wrote, "I'm very clean & respectful whether I've had a few beer (sic) or not so u won't have to worry"?

Is it the two "2 early 30s guys" who "seek female roommate who is honest, cool, down-to-earth, friendly, happy, Clean and Kind!"?

Is it the apartment from the single father who runs a paranormal investigation agency out of his basement?


Clean and Kind at:


red pill junkie said...

How about asking lonelygirl_15 to share her room with ya? Just promise you won't touch her purple hand puppet without her consent ;-)

Stephanie said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog for some time, but to learn you're a scrapbooker too? Awesome.
Good luck with the whole shopping cart of supplies thing. And get that Captain and Tenille picture in a photo-safe, archival album already!!

Jcat2323 said...

Did they seriously capitalize "Clean and Kind", no comma? Is that some kind of slang term I don't know about? Then again, maybe I'm better off not knowing.

Kelly Lynne Clement said...


I believe when we were graduating you said something about those of us without 'real' majors living in a cardboard shanty town on the lawn of the college. Maybe you could start a cardboard shanty town on the beach?? You have to admit that Florida would have a much better climate for it than South Bend.

Good Luck finding something decent.

Jenib said...

Bless your heart...

Have you thought of contacting a real estate/property agent with your needs? Maybe someone needs a house sitter?

Or you can get a corporate suite or something?

(P.S. If Craig's list was disturbing...don't even try )

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