Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Do not underestimate the power of The Rack.

Last week I wished that The Stack would disappear far, far, away, but it was certainly not my intent to create this:

On Christmas Day a tornado hit the University of Airplanes. The building you see behind that jumble of wings houses some of my classrooms. No one was hurt, which is a great blessing, but-- living crap.

This is our own fault. We got cocky. There was a great deal of nose-thumbing in the general direction of the Atlantic Ocean after such a lame hurricane season, so God was all, "Oh yeah? Here's an F-2 for you. See how you like it."

The administration sent the faculty an email assuring us that classes will begin as scheduled. (This, contrary to what students might think, made me frowny.) Otherwise, this is a Campus Safety Department dream. The property is completely closed, which means the officers, normally engaged with patrolling the campus swimming pool in little golf carts, got to set up sawhorses and parking blocks and barrels and flares and I don't know what all, and tell all sorts of onlookers to move along and that NOBODY'S ALLOWED IN HERE. They've been waiting their entire lives for this.

I am told that my office building is fine. I hope not entirely. A family of wasps has taken up residence above my window for the past two years, and it is my fondest hope that they got blown to Zimbabwe. Not likely, however; if they haven't been whisked off by now, The Rack must not have disintegrated their will to live yet. Perhaps I missed my aim.

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Josh The Pilot said...

As Mr. Aviation, this is a sad picture. Those airplanes never had a chance. :( And the buildings of my beloved school were pulverized by shrapnel from the very airplanes which are the reason the buildings exist. The fieldhouse where I cheered at many a basketball game has a big hole in the roof. This is worse than any hurricane could throw at us...

red pill junkie said...

Well now, seems to me that not only polar bears, but AIRPLANES should be considered an endangered species due to global warming...

But look on the bright side, it happened exactly in the day when the chances of human casualties was minimum. After remembering the tragedy of Indonesia in 2004, you really can't ask much more than that.

ShannJ said...

Wow. Nature is a powerful thing. I hope everything is able to return to normal soon.

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