Friday, December 08, 2006

Things No One Else Thinks Are Awesome But Me

-Gasoline smell
-Cement-mixing vanilla ice cream and sugar crystals in the bowl before consumption
-Kate Capshaw's tour de force performance in Space Camp
-When Burl Ives says, "Well, they were all very sad at the loss of their friend, but they realized that the best thing they could do was get the women back to Christmastown."
-Close second: "No! This is man's work!"
-Candy consisting of nothing but caramel and dark chocolate
-AM crackle
-The lesser-known George Strait classic "Momma Was a Dodge City Dance Hall Girl, and My Daddy Was a Riverboat Gambler"

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Anonymous said...

I've been lurking for a long time, but here I am admitting to my unnatural attraction to the smell of gasoline. For the rest, though, you're on your own ;)

Congratulations on your engagement, btw!

Anonymous said...

Welcome out of lurkdom, dear sognatrice :) Let's go celebrate down at the Shell station.

Anonymous said...

I too enjoy the smell of gasoline! My mother blames it on my in utero exposure to a leaky fuel pump.
I'll meet you down at the Shell station.

Marla said...

The ewoks were my favorite thing about Star Wars...besides Hans Solo, but that was a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ;)

anne, a reader said...

Checking in to express my love for candy with both dark chocolate and caramel.

Anonymous said...

-When Burl Ives says, "Well, they were all very sad at the loss of their friend, but they realized that the best thing they could do was get the women back to Christmastown."

Just watched that last night and was crazily amused by that very sentence-first time I'd noticed it.
I am also a silent fan...but had to emerge to congratulate you.So Congratulations!
(Almost) Welcome to Wife-Dom :)

Anonymous said...

Man, the oddest posts do flush out the lurkers.

I'm awfully glad you said hi, VRM-- thanks for the good wishes :)

grammar_queen said...

Can't agree with you on the gasoline smell, but I do agree with just about everything else on your list. I loved Amen, especially the romance between Thelma and the reverend. I catch it every now and again in syndication.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong. I, too think Kate Capshaw was Oscar worthy in Spacecamp. I watch my beat-up, recorded-from-cable version at least once a year. It's like an old blanket. I wrap myself in the joy of a pre-Joaquin Pheonix & a bedazzled Kelly Preston. Ahhhhh.

tamar said...

Sniffffff.... Ahhh Gasoline....

Woo hoo, I'm not the only one!!!

I just got ambushed last Friday. I am now the Matron of Honor for my 'Twin Sister' (same Bday, no blood) who is getting married January 10th. Eeek! Wedding Shower, Bachlorette, and Birthday party at my house this Saturday!! Bday is sunday. Again, I say, Eeeekkk!!!


Anonymous said...

She JUST ASKED YOU? I thought I was pushing it with the 6-months deal!

And-- many happy returns. Revel, as I do, in the joy of a Christmas-attached birthday (sigh).

Jcat2323 said...

Anything dark chocolate is the best. And it's healthier than milk chocolate, so it's practically good for you.
Have you tried any of the 'extra dark' chocolates that are coming out everywhere? (60% cacao is the important part) Best. Dark Chocolate. Ever.

Anonymous said...


SaharaChick said...

Dark chocolate and caramel rock my world!
Love, your future-sis-in-law.

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