Thursday, December 07, 2006




HunterHouseMom said...

I heard someone on the radio today say that every American family should try to take their kids to Pearl Harbor and Normandy. I would add, if you can't get there, at least get to one or more of the national cemeteries. Three years ago yesterday we buried my dad (WWII vet) at Andersonville National Cemetery. Thanks to all our vets and current defenders.

MB said...

I'm proud to be joining a family that has given so selflessly. Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am to have seen both Pearl Harbor and Normandy.

my kidz mom said...

When my 5th and 7th graders came home from school yesterday, asked them both whether there was any mention of Pearl Harbor. Answer: no. Shame on you, public schools of America.

God bless you, vets, and all currently serving. You have this family's gratitude and prayers.

Anonymous said...

We just visited Pearl Harbor two weeks ago when we were in Hawaii. We took Sean with us, and I was really wishing that he was old enough to understand. Someday we'll show him the pictures and try to explain. It affected me much more than I expected. I expected the respect and the awe, but not the anger. Incredible. I was really wishing I had been able to see it when my grandpa was still alive. He was a Marine that fought in Iwo Jima, and I would have loved to describe it to him.

We also went to a Christmas parade in Waikiki, and many Pearl Harbor survivors were in it. Sean clapped for each one as they went by. It was amazing. Many, many thanks to all who have served and are serving this great nation of ours.

MB said...

Shannon, you are doing a wonderful job with that boy of yours :)

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