Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Shut Up, Faith Hill UPDATE


I know, Faith. I know. I was shocked, too, that you were unable to win with your most recent musical masterpiece, with lyrics the likes of "Hey everybody can't you feel the rhythm now/Hey everybody don't you want to party."

I voted at: mb@blondechampagne.com


tamar said...

I musta watched that 5 times, laughing my azz off!!! :)

amy lou the reader said...

Yeah. Don't tell me that was a joke. She was seriously ticked off and acted like a high school drama queen.

I'm in the same boat as you, MB. Faith Hill could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn't miss her. When her songs come on the radio, I practically wrap my car around a light pole trying to change the station!

Cbell said...

Here in Nashville... this is all the rage and talk this morning. I love how it has effectively taken the place of silly senatorial race we have going on.

jcat2323 said...

After the Kerry thing got blown way out of porportion, (no politics, just using it as a very recent example) why would you do something like this? It's just asking for media attention, whether it was a joke or not.
And, Faith, dear, there is no such thing as country/pop, and any artist trying to be a crossover in those genres needs to be smacked. Shania, this means you too.

jcat2323 said...

Totally off topic
Didn't you do a section awhile ago on how news people use "Breaking News" way too often for stuff that isn't breaking news? Here's a new example. I just opened the MSNBC.com webpage, and plastered across the top in red is "Britney Spears files for divorce". Oh. My. God. Does anyone even care? I'm not sure this even achives the rank of news, let alone breaking news. This is why no one has faith in the media any more.

MB said...


Dantelope said...

I'll go out on a limb and say I care. Just because I enjoy the scintillating bits of gossip that rip through the entertainment world doesn't mean I didn't go out today and vote or that I don't care about other things.

Folks, you can enjoy watching Paris make a fool out of herself and KFed pompously declaring he is the most underrated performer ever... AND still enjoy and care about real issues... like the fact that mourning dove hunting made it to my ballot... I mean... mourning doves? Isn't that almost like shooting at a bar of soap!?!?!?


mike, redneck but not country said...

I watched some of the CMA's last night. Mostly to ogle over the women. Carrie Underwood: HOT. The lead singer of Sugarland: HHOOTT. Gretchen Wilson: HHHOOOTTT with a side order of DAAYUM.

I don't like country music, but I'll watch some CMT occasionally.

Rachel said...

Re: Dantelope
Good point. Also, even though I have a highly cultivated sense of cynicism regarding celebrity marriages, I actually reacted to this one (OK, and Reese and Ryan. And Paul and Heather). I'm not a big divorce fan, generally, but as a fellow human being, I am happy for Britney for showing some good decision-making. Late in the game, but still. Good call.

tamar said...


My friend and I went to Sugarland's concert, here in scenic Muskegon, Michigan....and it was AWESOME. I loved EVERY song that night. My girlfriend waited in line for 5 hours to get us good seats. As thanks, at the end, we decided to go up to the stage (the band was running around signing autographs) She LOVES Christian (and really...Who blames her? Man is HOTTT)

We went to where he was standing signing things, but just as we got close to the stage, he ran away :(

THEN...We saw the spotlight coming towards where we where, and BAM!!! There was Jennifer Nettles! I shoved my friend so hard, I am surprised that her kidneys are intact! But now she has an autographed cowgirl hat and she'll love me forever!!!! <3 :)

Awesome night, I'll never forget it!

(And I'll never forgive myself for having a black hat that the signature wouldn't have shown up on.) :(

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