Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Competent Official College Professor UPDATES

1) Yesterday I ducked into the lav to take care of Lady Business, and as I was washing my hands, I had the following thought: "Well, that's odd. Why would they put a urinal in the womens' bathroom?"




2) Today I ducked into Staples to buy a package of address labels and take care of Professor Business, and found that the printing quote for the Professor Business was way, way lower than I initially thought it would be. So I clutched my address labels and jumped up and down and walked across the parking lot.

Hey-- aren't these supposed to be in a bag?




FONT NOTE: I'm sorry about yesterday's font. I'm so, so, sorry. I hope you can learn to live and love again.

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Cbell said...

heeheehee... I have a friend of my who is in the ministry. The first story reminded me of when he was traveling to speak at a church that he was not familiar with. He went to take care of men's business and thought how odd it was to have a love seat and flower arrangements in the men's room. Since his business required him to sit down, he didn't notice there were no urinals.

Imagine his horror when he heard women's voices and the clicking of high heels on the tile!

He had a consider wait until the ladies' room was cleared again before he could make his stealthy exit.

heeheeheehee... hadn't thought of that in years!

Life's a Laugh said...

As for item #1, been there and done that.

I was in Detroit Metro Airport and had to desperately take care of some ladies' business. The bathrooms are set up with one entrance and then head left or right depending on your gender. I was in a hurry and didn't really pay attention to where I was going. I went into the bathroom and as I was taking care of business, I heard someone sit down in the next stall. To my surprise, there was a manly cough. I opened the door and noticed urinals against the wall. I grabbed my bag and booked it out of the bathroom hoping no one saw me. I'm not that lucky.

amy lou the reader said...

That reminds me of the one time I was in a movie theatre.

This particular theatre, for whatever reason, doesn't think doors are necessary on the restrooms, and the entrances to the mens' and ladies' rooms branch off the same main...opening.

One day, a guy walked confidently past me, past the mens' room entrance, and into the ladies' room.

I tried to stop him, but got as far as "Um, sir, that's..." before he turned the corner.

After a scream or two, he sheepishly and quickly ducked into the correct restroom.

tamar said...

LOL! Great stories! :)

Anonymous said...

Regarding #2--that happened to me at a Kmart. I was buying stuff for a Halloween party and found a black sweatshirt for my costume so I draped it over my arm. Went through check-out & paind for my other items and as I'm walking through the parking lot, I looked down and there was the sweatshirt draped over my arm. It was a "d'oh" moment!

red pill junkie said...

hey anon, you did go back to pay for the sweatshirt...right? ;-)

amy lou, those guys at the movie theater must be related to my boss, who thinks doors in the toilets and showers of the master bedrooms we design are expendable too! I have discussed this issue with him ad nauseam, and won't ever convince him. This is a guy who thinks MIRRORS are not that important in a bathroom either ...and probably with a face like HIS, I guess I wouldn't be so thrilled to check myself in the morning too ;-)

Architects... ARRGH!!!

amy lou the reader said...


LOL. Yeah. Doors? We don't need no stinkin' doors!

I must admit, there are some days when I loathe the presence of a mirror. But it's a necessity in any public bathroom.

I wanted to be an architech at one time, then I realized I had no math skills...

red pill junkie said...

Neither do we amy!!!

That's what the engineers are for ;-)

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