Friday, October 06, 2006

The King

Jim The Small Child Nephew was watching SportsCenter with Country The Brother In Law, and one of the anchors--as O Those Witty Anchors only can--referred to LeBron James as "King James."

This was Jim's cue to glance up at the screen, and, since excessively German two-year-olds are easily confused with 6-8 black basketball players, he announced: "That's me!"

We are alternately impressed that he's self-identifying and terrified that he's coronated himself a promotion from The Prince, a title that Will The Baby Nephew now inherits. I shall see to it that the palace staff is notified.

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red pill junkie said...

They can BOTH be kings, just like in the Narnia books. Of course, James gets to be High King because he's older ;-)

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