Saturday, October 28, 2006

"If It's Red, It's Good."

Here is my YouTube debut, of G-Force and me sampling various flavors of Coke at EPCOT. This is quite possibly the biggest inside joke in all of Disney World, for veterans of the Coke pavillion know: Just because it's free and from Italy doesn't mean it's edible.

My voice sounds unusually nasal, but then again, digital cameras are known for their outstanding audio quality. Watch for the properly horrified people in the background.

good hair day, though at:


Cbell said...

Wow. Now we all know what Evil tastes like. Thanks for throwing yourself under the bus to save us all from a fate worse than death.

Ophelia said...

"It tastes like evil"

How I could've used that phrase as a young child when I was forced to eat something yucky.
Of course, I was a picky eater and most everything was yucky.

MJ said...

What?! You didn't like the Beverly?

Good for you.

I love getting people to drink that stuff for the first time. And you are right -- it does taste like evil!

Anonymous said...


"Here, try this!"
"It's good."
"Why aren't you drinking any?"
"I've had plenty, I have to go pee, now."

Seriously, though, "It tastes like evil" better be on a tshirt... and SOON!

ShannJ said...

you make it sound so . . . appetizing. ;-) can't wait to try it. and what a great catch phrase!

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