Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tink location UPDATE!

MB left a voicemail for me this afternoon while I was in class. She is in Paris, all bags accounted for. She and her dad took a cruise on the Seine tonight, I'm assuming on the Bateaux-Mouche, sightseeing boats that run up and down the river. She said she saw the Eiffel Tower, and tomorrow they are going to Normandy. On Friday they are going to Versailles.

Vive la France! at:


Ruby Rose said...

Ooooh! Oooph! I've been on one of those Bateaux-Mouches! it is the absolutely best way to see Paris and feel terribly continental. The sun was even shining when I was on it - not bad for November in Paris.

You think Americans have trouble with French - try being an Australian and learning ANY romance language - we have so many dipthongs we're a linguistic curiosity, whereas french, italian, spanish all have very pure non-negotiable vowel sounds. My singing teacher is from Europe and regularly rolls on the floor laughing when I forget to turn off the dipthongs.

So MB won't be dragged behind the Louvre and shot. Trust me on this. It's something to see a Parisian's eye twitch when they have someone burl up to them and say "Bon-JEWER mate!"


red pill junkie said...

Is she planning on visiting the Louvre?

lina the reader said...

I hope she went there. The Louvre is a can't-miss.

Normandy then Versailles. History of war followed by the history of decadence. At least it's not the other way around. Normandy takes a lot out of you.

Doddy said...

I think the Louve is over-rated (I can hear the boo's already). Check out Musee d'Osay (just across the Seine and east of the Louvre), the Rodin museum (roughly between d'Orsay & the Eiffel Tower), and the Dali museum (Sacre Coeur/Montmatre). No two hour queues at those.

I've been on one of those boats too, it was sunny, I didn't have any sun block. Looked like an overdone lobster the next day. Boo Hoo.

Josh The Pilot said...

Upon talking to MB, it was not the Bateaux Mouches, but some other line. That's what I get for assuming.

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