Monday, September 18, 2006

Tink checks in!

When I woke up this morning (technically afternoon, it was 12:15 p.m.) and turned on my phone there was a voicemail from Mary Beth waiting for me! One of the other people on the trip had a cellphone with international calling and Tink convinced her that she just had to call me or the entire world was going to come crashing down. The timestamp on the message was around 8 a.m. EDT, so she was already well into her day touring France. When I get off work tonight I'm fully expecting to read about the first of many of her efforts to improve France/U.S. relations by intending to ask where the bathroom is but instead insulting Charles de Gaulle's memory.

She said all is well, except they did lose one of her bags, however not a big deal because she has enough underwear, glitter, and graham crackers in her other bag to last until the lost one arrives tonight. She reported that the wine is excellent, the food not quite so, but she's enjoying it all as a new experience. Today they are travelling to Grasse, a little to the west of Monaco. I know she loves me because she mentioned that this morning they drove along part of the Grand Prix route in Monaco. How did I get so lucky?

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Anonymous said...

Given that all of Monaco is less than 500 acres, it would seem difficult to move about without being on some part of the Grand Prix circuit. Still cool though. Will she be going to Le Mans as well?

AlaskaMe said...

Great so she is officially there. Starting now I will watch for news stories surrounding an American Blonde who either single-handedly negotiated successful peace talks or one that put Napoleon to shame. Since it is France I'm kind of hoping for Mary Beth Bonaparte! Here's to wearing comfy shoes and staying away from Russia.

PS JTP your doing great.

Josh The Pilot said...

Thank you, Alaskme.
Anon, she's not going to Le Mans.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Some-time reader, First time commenter...

I wonder if MB will see/hear anything about Admiral De Grasse, the commander of the French fleet that blockaded Gen Cornwallis during the American Revolution, causing the surrender of the British forces.

What a random comment, you say? Nah, Le De Grasse is reputed to be a long lost ancestor. Ooo, aaaah.

Hope Ms. Champagne enjoys the rest of her trip!

Monica said...

Josh The Pilot, please tell me that this trip isn't changing MB. We'll have to watch our beloved blogger for indescriminate usage of phrases like "Sacre Bleu", "Savoir Faire", and "Je ne se Qua".

Worse yet, what if the French try to force her to change the name of this site to "Blonde Sparkling Wine" or "Blonde Spumante"? Oh, the horror! You know how possessive the French are about the use of the word "Champagne". Don't let them get to her, JTP. If they start threatening to put her in the Bastille, tell her we'll storm the prison singing songs from Les Miserables.

Josh The Pilot said...

Will do, Monica! :)

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