Thursday, September 14, 2006

Guest Star

I've made Josh The Pilot a blog admin so that he can post new material while I'm causing international unrest in France. Which means... Ask Josh The Pilot, Volume V!

Go ahead and post your questions here. He'll answer them throughout the week, as well as updating you on the string of the offended as I stomp across Europe.

There should be plenty to talk about. I found an international phone card at Walgreen's today while desperately gathering chocolate for the plane, because I've somehow formed this notion that Europe doesn't have certain necessities of life I enjoy here in the U.S., like ballpoint pens, or pillows, or water, or Mr. T.

Kit-Kats and a trash bag of hairbands: That should make it all better.

tennis socks in Paris at:


the buxom wench said...

Ooooh, goodie :).

Okay, JTP, when was it that you first realised MB, in all her witty and blonde champagney glory, was the one for you? :)

Again, happy travels to you, MB, as you traverse Nice in your flourescent uber-toobers :) x

Ruby Rose said...

Continuing with the Australian theme: JTP - when and where did you guys meet?

I have come latterly to Blonde Champagne and so despite diligent searching of archives, the first mention of you I can find is when you took mb up in a plane and nobody got killed.

Sorry if that's a bit nosy, and treating your actual personal relationship like I movie I just found channel-surfing and decided to stay with, but....? :)

Oh - and how true is Pushing Tin? (There - a PROFESSIONAL question.)


Jenn said...

Kit kats are highly accessible in Europe, btw. Or at least in the UK, which maybe negates my point . . .

JoshThePilot said...

You've got questions, I've got answers... coming soon!

Doddy said...

Trust me (hahaha, and about this bridge..) American chocolate and English/European chocolate are completely different. I'm not talking about the good stuff which everyone knows is different. English KitKat good, hmmmm. American KitKat tastes way too sweet, yick!. Go for Toblerone, same everywhere.

Jcat2323 said...

A MAN in charge of Blonde Champagne? Well, I guess he is blonde. : )
Just kidding JTP, looking forward to hearing more from you.
What's your fav football team, college and NFL?

red pill junkie said...

I wanna ask about your childhood in Africa. What was that all about man?

Also, I want to ask this: If you and MB... lemme rephrase that: WHEN you and MB finally get hooked up, and you have a couple of rugrats, how are you going to deal with the "two-church" business? Are you going to raise them as catholic, lutherans, Ganesh worshippers? Or will you let them choose their church when they grow up?

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