Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Crawling From the Bed of Phlegm and Neverending Makeup Work to Type the Following:

Julie The NephewsMama has been working on Jim The Small Child Nephew's bilingual skeelz while I was away.

"Aunt Beth, France!" he's been announcing. "Au revoir!" And, occasionally, entirely at random, mostly when the situation does not call for it: "Bonjour!" It should not surprise you that his accent is far better than mine.

I brought him a hat from the Eiffel Tower, because what every two-year-old German Ohioan needs is a jaunty blue beret with PARIS stitched on it in glittery silver thread. He'll probably get two steps out of the house with it before he is beaten.

jetlag go away, I don't know the time of day at: mb@blondechampagne.com


red pill junkie said...

Just coach him not to DANCE with the hat on, and everything will be fine ;-)

Jess said...

Hope you feel better soon... Glad to have you back!

Dantelope said...

At least, Aunt Beth, you did not subject your nephew to..... THIS!

Although you could. And then you could post about it. And we would laugh. Tres bien!

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