Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I didn't write about it at the time, but Will The Newborn Nephew issued a prenatal scare in the second trimester. There were some indications that he might have a kidney problem. We wouldn't know for sure until after the birth.

Then he was born, and placed on his mother's chest as his father bent over him, both of them brimming with exhaustion and wonder, fingers gently brushing his small warm head.

"Hey..." his father said after a second. For his new son was peeing on him.

"I'm glad he let me know where I stand right off," Country The Brother In Law said.

Well, at least his kidneys work; this has happened at least two more times. It's Daddy! Open fire.

Will peed on me too, the first day we met, and then he spit up in my hair and pooped and peed some more. That's okay. Kidneys are harder to come by than a new tee shirt. Pee on, Will.

note to self: place new, clean diaper over Area while throwing the dirty one away at:


Anonymous said...


Consider yourself lucky - my daughter chose times with no diaper to unload her backside-cannon. It reminds me of the cannons in Starship Troopers. The little girl could damage Soviet satellites with her a$$

Pam said...

I have two boys myself and I've come to realize they only pee on those they love. That, or they're marking territory.

amy lou the reader said...

My brother peed on me when he was an infant. It pretty much indicated how our relationship was going to go from then until we were both over 18.

I'm glad Will is okay. :^)

DivineDivorcee said...

As a mom of a now almost 4-year-old, I can say that pee is probably the nicest secretion his mother or father will be inadvertently doused in. Spit up, throw-up, the 'rear cannon' as anonymous said, mucous, etc... it all flows.

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