Friday, July 21, 2006


OK, am I just too, too irretrievably lame to think this is the best news I've heard in months and months?

On July 20, Legend Films will announce a new web site called Mike Nelson'’s RiffTrax. A lot of people have talked about something like this. Mike and Legend is actually doing it. At the site, you will be able to download full-length commentaries for a growing list of movies. When it's working right, you will pay, download the commentary (it's an unrestricted 128 bit MP3 file), pop the movie in your DVD player, load the commentary into the mp3 player of your choice, and off you go!

The news broke earlier this week on Satellite News, but rather than post and jinx it, I waited for the glorious news to be true: Mystery Science Theater 3000 is, in a way, back.


Lookit this from the RiffTrax site:

MSNBC online recently named him one of the 10 sexiest movie men (along with Antonio Banderas and Tom Selleck!), saying, "The attraction of Nelson is that of The Protector: He will deflect the evil power of the bad movie with his Carol Channing impressions, making Patrick Swayze films safe again for you and me."

Wow. Hmmmm. What irretrivably lame person could have written something like that?

Oh, squee, squee! Happy day! Mike is mocking movies again, and I get to sort of be a part of it! Kind of! A little! Uncredited!

loser status confirmed at:


mike, a few days behind the curve said...


I should have known that was your work, but since it was attributed to "MSNBC Online," I never even thought it.

I'm definitely slipping in my longtermreader-y abilities.

ahjen7 said...

MB, can we be friends? because i'm pretty sure you're going to be famous one of these days, and i'd like to get in on that action on the ground floor.

Anonymous said...

so, time for another MSNBC article yet?

MB said...

Funny you should ask, anon. In a couple weeks I'll be part of an MSNBC multimedia package (Heh. I typed "package") and if all goes well I'll have a longer article in the late summer :)

LiteraryAlchemist said...

That is very cool, MB! Great news to find out about Nelson while at, of all places, Comic Con International. Too bad he's not making an announcement out here!

Way to get recognition for your MSNBC contributions, too! Congrats!

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