Monday, June 26, 2006


Okay, I had to see two pelicans totally doing it, but it was while sitting here:

This picture is from Day One, before the Very Loud Obnoxious Family rented out every last room. I did not take any pictures after they arrived, because all of them would have featured things like a man walking his dog (the dog wearing a t-shirt, the man not.)

The good news is, I got lots and lots done, writing-wise. I'm no longer at Page 0. But typing, sadly, does not burn huge amounts of calories. I tried jogging on the beach my first day, but something told me to stop by the middle of the first jog-song. Probably the increasingly thick trail of blood in the sand. Oh. So Wal-Mart beach shoes don't make for good arch support.

The room was too small to get any of my workout DVDs done, which, admittedly, was something of a relief. I have a new favorite Personal Trainer, Keli, who is my favorite because when she does ab crunches she does not smile or issue ridiculously cheerful encouragement; she goes "AAUUUUGGGGH." That's the kind of Personal Trainer I can trust. I want someone suffering just as much as I am. Plus, she has a British accent, which of course raises her credibility one billion percent.

All told, I didn't lose any weight, but did gain at least 27,000 words. Fair's fair.

getting caught in the rain at:


Anonymous said...

Hi MB. Where were you staying? The very "loud obnoxious family" may have been my boss's - returning from a 7-day Caribbean cruise. Oh, the embarrassment....

Jcat2323 said...

I also share the problem of never having enough room to do the at home DVD's, even after a warm up of furniture moving. They really should print an estimate of how much space you need to do the workout on them.
I finally got a gym membership instead, the perk was that I would make myself go because I'm paying for it whether I use it or not. It's amazing how easy it is to ignore that fact when it only appears on your credit card bill once every six months. I'm getting really good at making excuses though.

Dantelope said...

Plus, she has a British accent, which of course raises her credibility one billion percent.

LOL. I nearly pissed myself when I read this. Brilliant!

But, please explain Hugh Grant...

MB said...

How else do you explain that he still has a career?

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