Saturday, June 24, 2006

Things I Saw At Cocoa Beach

-Two pelicans totally doing it midair

-A hotel clerk and a security guard standing ten feet apart and insisting upon having multiple conversations via walkie-talkie

-A woman wearing men’s underwear. I don’t mean cute boxers or boy-shorts. I mean… men’s underwear. Like, Hanes-Not-Her-Way.

-The volume on the TV in my by-the-hooker hotel room turning itself off every night at 11 PM

-Four manta rays on a weekend double date at the Cocoa Beach Pier, which I, with my keen marine science-based mind, originally identified as trash bags.

man I miss living there at:


young drivers of canada said...
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tamar said...

Along the birds theme...

I was travelling on business to the wonderful state of Arkansas. We were given the option of booking a room at the DoubleTree, or the Peabody. Being from MI, I have heard of DoubleTrees, but not of Peabody(s). I chose the Peabody, and was suitably impressed. THE BEST PART...I don't know if any of you know that the Peabody has live ducks swimming in their fountain (a well known, advertised fact). I was going down to meet a coworker for dinner, and decided to check out the ducks. As I approached, I wasn't sure what I was seeing...sure 'nough! 2 little duckies were having a good ole time! Right in the lobby of this ritzy hotel! Being the adolescent that I am, I called hubby and a couple of coworkers, laughing my azz off! They were TOTALLY DOIN' IT!

Ahh, memories!


HelloBettyLou said...

You haven't lived until you've seen turtles do it.

Miasys said...

Or giraffes at the Zoo. I'm still scarred from that one. eeeuw.

tamar said...

giraffes? turtles? Boggles the mind LOL!

Makes you wonder about hippos. ;)

Anonymous said...

That's the original Peabody, Tamar. There's one in Orlando, too, and while I've never stayed there, I have visted the ducks, who seemed to behave themselves. Probably Eisner paired gay ducks to keep it Dinsey certified and family friendly.

A few years ago Nick The NASA Poobah had a group out by the launchpads. We share space with a wildlife refuge, and there are these endangered gopher tortises in that area. They had to stop the bus because two of them had decided to address the "endangered" issue right in the middle of the road.

red pill junkie said...

My sister still fondly remembers one time when she was a little girl and my dad took her to the zoo. At one point this innocent little girl, my dad's pride and joy, decided to make the question:

"Daddy, why does that elephant have TWO TRUNKS instead of one?"

Visits to the zoo were interrupted, indefinitely :-)

tamar said...

Yup, there's also one in Tennesee. If you want to pay $50 for a room service steak's the place for you!

(ahhh...I miss my corporate credit card!)

Thick AND juicy!

(the steak, not the ducks) :)

Jcat2323 said...

The boyfriend and I took a trip to St. Louis last week and visited the zoo. There was a pair of birds of some kind getting it on in the bird house, right up agaist the glass too. Must be something about the zoo.

Jcat2323 said...

There must be something about the zoo atmosphere. The boyfriend and I went to St. Louis last week and visited the zoo. There was a pair of birds getting it on in the bird house, right up against the glass too.

Jcat2323 said...

(Sorry for the double post, my browser had and error and I just retyped, I didn't check to see if it went through.)

amy lou the reader said...

A co-worker told me about her trip to the zoo, where a giraffe was...very amorously pursuing a mate. Many a parents' hand covered their children's eyes very quickly that day.

Ophelia said...

My mom calls me couple of weeks ago to tell me all about the pair of bunnies that were getting busy in their backyard...while one of their current babies was waiting a few feet away.
Jeez, I guess when you get the urge, there just isn't any waiting!
I still can't believe my mom called me to tell me about that!!

red pill junkie said...

Of course there's something about the zoo that urges the animals to get jiggy with it! What else is there to do to kill time? The animals don't have to worry about hunting or providing for their own sustenance, and they are under constant stress for being constantly probed by all the visitors with only a moment's peace at night. That's the sage conclusion I arrived when we (my family including my parents, big sisters and young nephew) witnessed one time a cimpanzee that gave the saying "spank the monkey" a whole new phylosophical meaning.

That could certainly give an interesting twist for the sequel of "Madagascar"! ;-)

Scott the Taller said...

I'd believe all of the bullets(though there seems to be a disturbing fixation on the one about the Pelicans) having lived in the area 8 years. At least the water's warm in the Atlantic.

It's only about 50 dcegrees here in the middle of Summer(the air's about 60 usually).

mike the longterm reader said...

HelloBettyLou: You haven't lived until you've seen turtles do it.

I have, but not live. One night I came home from classes to discover my sister and stepmother wiping away tears of laughter. They were evidently watching some Discovery Channel program that was basically animal porn.

They told me I had to watch. I wasn't particularly interested. Not much longer, from the other room I heard odd sounds — HYERP! HYERP! HUUHYERP!! They were just too crazy to ignore, so I went back in the living room and discovered two very large turtles in the throes of passion, albeit very slow throes.

Evidently "HYERP!" is turtle-speak for "Who's yo' daddy?" It still gets a laugh if I say it around my sister or stepmom.

mike the longterm reader said...

Of course, the pelicans could also have been drunk.

Yes, that is a real news story.

kittybrunette said...

At the Indianapolis Zoo, about three years ago, I just about died laughing at the lion exhibit, when this young nerdling, complete with too-high shorts, knee socks, falling glasses, a safari-hard-hat, and binoculars, pushed past me to the fence, held the binoculars frantically to his face and in a high squeaky nerdling voice said, "It's mating season!"
Like I said, I very nearly died!

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